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Reasoning Quiz for Bank PO and Clerk Exam 121

Dear readers. This time we are presenting and our expert readers are reading extra study practice with reasoning questions and answers and online class for better examination result. Here mm team presenting some reasoning quiz questions and answers for upcoming recent govt jobs and banking jobs. These imp. reasoning mcqs are top most expected and recently asked in various ibps and insurance examinations questions are based on our Reasoning notes Analogy topic. Analogy is one of the important chapter in reasoning subjects. Practice with this quiz and get better and merit score for your aptitude, crt, fresher jobs or any other Indian Govt.Jobs. All the best for upcoming recruitment exam.

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Q.1. If FISH is written as EHRG in a certain code, how would JUNGLE is written in that code?
a) ITMFKD                      
b) ITNFKD                      
c) KVOHMF                    

Q.2. If SUMMER is coded as RUNNER, the code for WINTER will be.
a) SUITER                        
b) VIOUER                      
c) WALKER                      

Q.3. In a certain code, PRODUCTIONS is written as QQPCVEUHPMT. How is ORIENTATION written in that code?
a) PQJDOVBSJNO          
b) PQJDOUBUJPO          
c) PSJFOVBSJNO          

Q.4. CMM, EOO, GQQ, _____, KUU
a) GRR                                  
b) GSS                                
c) ISS                                
d) ITT

Q.5. QPO, NML, KJI, _____, EDC
a) HGF                                  
b) CAB                              
c) JKL                                
d) GHI

Direction (6- 7) Find out the missing number from the given options.

17 19 23
15 16 19
48 70 ?

a) 40                                  
b) 45                                  
c) 50                                  
d) 55


5 4 3
6 5 4
7 6 5
23 14 ?

a) 7                                  
b) 12                                    
c) 17                                  
d) 23

Direction : (8-10) Select the related letters/word/number from the given alternative

Q.8. Giant: Dwarf::Genius:?
a) Wicked                      
b) Gentle                      
c) Idiot                      
d) Tiny

Q.9. Botany: Plants:: Entomology:?
a) Snakes                      
b) Insects                      
c) Birds                      
d) Germs

Q.10. Menu: Food::Catalogue: ?
a) Rack                      
b) Newspaper                    
c) Library                  
d) Cotton

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Answer Key :

1. (A) 2. (B) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (A) 6. (C) 7. (A) 8. (C) 9. (B) 10. (B)

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