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Railway Exam General Knowledge GK Digest capsule PDF 6

Dear readers. We know that gkGeneral Knowledge is an important part of every govt jobsbanking jobs, teaching jobs and all competitive exams. So, Here is a capsule on Indian railways exam of 25 MCQ questions. Questions are a collection of current affairs, static GK, Scientific Questions and Railways Related Questions. This is your Railway Exam General Knowledge GK Digest capsule PDF 6 contained all general knowledge expected questions and answers for your upcoming railway and ssc exams. You start preparation for Railway Exams (RRB NTPC) 2016. You read Computer GK for computer section. You check our Every Day science as well as General Science Questions and Answers Capsule for including and increasing score for your recruitment exams.

Special Recent Update : (22nd March, 2016) : This RRB Capsule is primarily based on questions based on railways. This sheet has a set of 50 questions

all made with special reference to railways.

1. Montek Singh Aluwalia committee was formed in railways for what purpose
A) Restructuring of Indian Railways
B) High Level Safety Review of Indian Railways
C) Financing of Indian Railways
D) Charts of new route of Indian Railways

2. Railway is expected to invest in next 5 years
A) 7.5 Lac Crores
B) 8.5 Lac Crores
C) 9 Lac Crores
D) 10 Lac Crores

3. Railway Tickets can now be booked how many days in advance from date of Journey
A) 120 days
B) 90 days
C) 60 days
D) 45 days

4. On how many Railway Corridors will the speed of rail expected to reach upto 200kms
A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9

5. Toll free number of railways for security of passengers will be
A) 108
B) 100
C) 131
D) 182

6. What is the proposed investment amount for railway safety in coming five years?(In Crores)
A) Rs. 127000 
B) Rs. 125000 
C) Rs. 135000 
D) Rs. 116000

7. Track capacity is proposed to be increased by 10% to kms.
(a) 1.38 lakh
(b) 1.10 lakh
(c) 1.28 lakh
(d) 1.41 lakh

8. As per Rail Budget 2015-16, how many kilometers of track will be electrified?
A) 9608
B) 6608
D) 7608
D) 8608

9. World's first bio-vacuum toilet developed by Indian Railways is being used in .
A. Sabarmati Express
B. Bibrugarh Rajdhani express
C. Humsafar
D. Uday Express

10. Railways plan a capital of in Rail Budget 2016.
A. 1.25 lakh crores
B. 1.21 lakh crores
C. 1.29 lakh crores
D. 1.11 lakh crores

11. How much budgetary support would be given to the railways by the government this year?
A. Rs 40,000 crores
B. Rs 60,000 crores
C. Rs 50,000 crores
D. Rs 55,000 crores

12. Rail University is to be established at Indian Railway Academy at .
A. Vadodara
B. Gandhinagar
C. Bhopal
D. Hyderabad

13. Railway Ministry intends to take up on priority provision of passenger amenities and beautification of stations at pilgrimage centres including .
I. Amritsar
II. Chenganaur
III. Varanasi
IV. Gaya
Choose the correct answer
A. I & III
B. All of the above
C. Only III
D. I, III & IV

14. Which among the following trains is not introduced in the railway budget of 2016-17?
A. Tejas
B. Shataabdi Express
C. Humsafar
D. Uday Express

15. In the railway budget 2016-17, Suresh Prabhu introduced elevated suburban corridor(s) to be constructed in Mumbai. What is(are) the name(s) of the elevated suburban corridors to be constructed.
I. Churchgate Virar
II. Wazirabad Janakpuri
III. CST- Panvel
IV. Western Railway
Mark the correct answer from the following
A. Only II
B. I, III & IV
D. I & III Answer D

16. Who among the following has never been a Railway Minister?
A. Nitish Kumar
B. Suresh Prabhu
C. C.K. Jaffer Sharief
D. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

17. Railway budget 2016-17 put forward to increase the lower berth quota for senior citizens by how much percent?
A. 10%
B. 30%
C. 50%
D. 70%

18. Railways will commission length of new tracks in next year.
A. 2000 Km
B. 2300 Km
C. 2500 Km
D. 2800 Km

19. Which institutes has been chosen to design the passenger linen and bedding as announced in the Rail Budget 2015-16?

20. Establishment of the Malaviya Chair for research in railway technology was announced in the Rail Budget 2015-16. This chair would be established in which central university?
A) Banaras Hindu University
B) Aligarh Muslim University
C) Jawahar Lal Nehru University
D) Rajasthan University

21. Which institute was chosen to design user-friendly ladders for climbing upper berths to help senior citizens as announced in Rail Budget 2015-16?

22. Satellite Railway Terminals will be setup in
A) 9 cites
B) 10 cities
C) 11 cities
D) 12 cities

23. Where are the headquarters of Northern Railways Located
A) New Delhi
B) Jaipur
C) Chandigarh
D) Dehradun

24. Train running between India and Bangladesh is known as
A) Samjhauta Express
B) Link Express
C) Maitree Express
D) Hamari Express

25. The staggered rails joints are usually provided on:
(a) Bridge
(b) Curves
(c) Branching
(d) Tangents

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Answer Key:
1) C
2) B
3) A
4) D
5) D
6) A
7) A
8) B
9) B
10) B
11) C
12) A
13) B
14) B
15) D
16) D
17) C
18) d
19) A
20) A
21) A
22) B
23) A
24) C
25) B

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