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National sports of different countries list

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When it comes to sports, every nation bundles up with a common thread of joy. We take this opportunity to learn about national games of various countries on the onset of 15th August. Different nations are identified with their flag, their national anthems, their national birds and animals, their national dress, their national language and of course with their national sports. As all other categories to identify a nation, sports too holds a different place in the national pride. All the major nations of this world hold different kinds of sports which for them are national pride and hence they find the premier place in the list of the sports they play. Just take a look at those sports who have an honor to become a national sport of a country.

Australia - Cricket, Australia does not have an official national sport. However, unofficially cricket would be regarded as their national sport. The Australian mens' cricket team is ranked as the most successful international sporting team.

Brazil- Football, Soccer or football is the most popular sport in Brazil. Brazilians are quite passionate about it as this country has created a record for winning the World Cup for 5 times, more than any other nation in the world.

Canada - Twosome, Until 1994, Lacrosse was the only sport in Canada. But, since 1994 there are two National sports. Lacrosse is the national summer sport and ice hockey is the national winter sport.

China - TT, China does not have any official national sport. However, since the mid 20th century, ping pong also called table tennis (TT) is the most popular sport amongst the Chinese. Today, there are millions of TT players in China.

England - Football, Cricket is England's national sport; although football is more popular in England. They call it soccer football.

Japan - Sumo, There is no official sport of Japan, but the Japan Sumo Association describes sumo as the national sport of Japan. However, baseball is the most popular spectator sport of this country

Pakistan - Hockey, Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. This country is a seven times champion of hockey at the Asian games, along with two silver medals and three bronze medals.

Scotland - Soccer, Scotland's national sport is soccer, which is played widely on both amateur and professional basis. It has been played in Scotland from 15th century. Scotland also has a remarkable record in international

Spain - Bullfight, In Spain, the bullfight is called the 'Fiesta Nacional', meaning the national sport. It takes place in a large outdoor arena known as the plaza de toros. The object of the game is to kill the bull with a sword.

US- Football, America's national sport is soccer or football. American’s are crazy for it; it is the most well-liked sport that is played all over the world.

Get Table format List given below:

National sports of different countries list

NameNational Game
ArgentinaPato ( declared 1953 )
CanadaIce Hockey
ChinaTable Tennis
IrelandGaelic Games
JapanJudo ( or ) Ju Jitsu
Korea RepubicTae Kwon Do
New ZealandRugby Union
RussiaChess, Football
ScotlandRugby, Football
Sri LankaVolleyball
SpainBull Fighting
SwitzerlandShooting, Gymnastics, Rustic Dancing
United Kingdom WalesRugby Union
United States of AmericaBaseball

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