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Interview Questions asked in SIDBI Exam 2016

Dear readers. In this article we are presenting asked banking jobs interview questions in sidbi exam. You know that With SIDBI interviews have begun and citing demand from aspirants we are here with our 60 questions bank on SIDBI 6 of which have been discussed here. All these questions have been previously asked in SIDBI Exams. Check. latet current affairs from here.

Interview Questions asked in SIDBI Exam 2016

1. why did u want to join SIDBI?
Answers: Sir I have been very passionate about SIDBI and her functioning. I have deep interest in MSME industries sir and want to work closely with them. SIDBI being one of the largest development bank in the world give me this opportunity.

2. If you are passionate then why didn’t u join earlier (may tell u to prove ur passion)
Answer: Sir I cleared SIDBI written exam last year also but couldn’t clear in the final round. I have been preparing for SIDBI and always wanted to join her. Sir due to my family financial problems I had to join RRB last year, but I was still preparing for SIDBI.

3. how will you assess a loan proposal for sanctioning?
Answer: Sir there are a series of parameters that we need to see to access a loan proposal for sanctioning. A few of which are
A) Customer profile, this can be done by checking background of the customer, his/her credit reports, CIBIL Report etc.
B) If a loan is suppose for a manufacturing industry we do a brief study on possibilities, opportunities in the sector and see the applicants capability to manage things, For housing loans we will see on the property proposed, examine property papers through legal aid, get valuation etc.
C) We see the persons capability to pay the loans. AS per RBI guidelines EMI cannot be more than 50% of his gross income.
D) In Case of manufacturing company we will ask for collateral, If collateral is not there we will try to look for CGTMSE Gaurantee fee.

4. what is feasibility report?
Answer: Feasibility report is the report which is taken into consideration by bank before approving any loan. In a feasibility report prospects of a company, repaying capacity of a customer are seen.

5. what is the penalty for cheque bouncing?
Answer: This is subject to bank. Every bank takes different charges on cheque bouncing. But in Check bouncing case beneficiary customer has the right to take legal action against the concerned party under sec 138 IPC.

6. What is CGTMSE Guarantee fee? Why is it required.
Answer: CGTMSE Guarantee fee was introduced by Govt. of India to encourage entrepreneurship and 1st time industrial activities. Loans covered under CGTMSE doesn’t require any collateral security, thus encouraging entrepreneurs to start their businesses through easy bank loans. Customer just need to pay CGTMSE fee which is 1% of loan amount in 1st year which keeps on gradually decreasing as loan repayment is done. In case loan becomes an NPA, the loan must have exceeded atleast 18 months of standard account status to claim CGTMSE Gaurantee fund.

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