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Important rendom Gk questions and answers

Important rendom Gk questions and answers

Gk Questions taken from our Online GK service

Retrieving gk questions from online gk box is very difficult, so we are posting some selected important gk questions from the Gk box. These gk questions are shared by our Online visitors.

1. The spherical shape of a drop is due to _______ ?
Answer: Surface tension

2.  Who is the present RBI Governor ?
Answer:  Duwuri Subbarao

3. Earth is protected from Ultra voilet radiation by _______ ?
Answer: Ozone

4. If we move from equator to pole the value of acceleration due to gravity "g"_______ ?
Answer:  Increases

5. Capital of VeneZuela ?
Answer: Karakkas

6. Solid carbon dioxide is known as ______?
Answer: Dry ice

7.  VAT was first introduced in which country ?
Answer: France

8. Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure ?
Answer: Sphygmomano meter

9. How many coastal states are in India ?
Answer: 9

10. The country which lost the largest number of people in the 2nd world war ?
Answer: Japan

11. How many fundamental duties are laid in the constitution of India ?
Answer: 11

12. Which is the Biggest Museum ?
Answer:  British Museum, London

13. Shora is the parliament of  _______?
Answer: Afghanistan

14. Who is the first person to get Param vir chakra ?
Answer: Major Somnath Sharma

15. Which is the largest fresh water lake in India ?
Answer: Wular Lake

* 16. Which is the longest river in peninsular India ?
Answer: Godavari River

* 17. What is the full form of SIM ?
Answer: Subscriber Identity Module 

* 18. Who is the founder of Van Mahotsav ?
Answer: K.M. Munshi

* 19. What is the full form of https ?
Answer:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

* 20. Where is Sardar Sarovar project situated ?
Answer: Gujarat

* 21. Which is the coldest planet in the solar system?
Answer: Neptune

*22. Which is the Longest National Highway in India ?
Answer: NH 44 (old name NH 7)

* 23. Which is the smallest National Highway in India ?
Answer: NH 966B

* 24. How many bones are there in human skull ?
Answer: 22

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