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IBPS PO/MT Clerk English Language Quiz 70

Dear readers. You know that General English is very most important section in every govt jobs, banking jobs, teaching jobs and Indian competitive examinations as well as placement and fresher jobs. We all know that after current affairs section English is one of the most important scoring section for competitive exam. Here in this article we are presenting test of English language part quiz for your upcoming exam. practice with this quiz and boost your skills for better result.

Q.No.1-10. In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Mass migration has produced a huge world-wide economy of its own which has (1) so fast during the past few years that the figures have (2) experts. Last year remittances sent home by migrants were expected to (3) $232 billion according to the World Bank which (4) these figures. (5) though the flow of remittances is to alleviate the plight of the migrant's family it cannot on its own lift entire nations out of poverty. Those who study the (6) of remittances argue that the money allows poor countries to put off basic decisions of economic management like (7) their tax collection systems and building schools. Remittances to poor countries can also (8) the fact that they do not produce much at home. The challenge is now to find programmes that (9) the benefits of remitted cash while (10) some of its downside. 


(1) accelerated 
(2) grew 
(3) expand 
(4) increase 
(5) escalating 


(1) galvanized
(3) astonished 
(5) disturb 


(1) rise 
(2) represent 
(3) project 
(4) exceed 


(1) record 
(2) tracks 
(3) estimate 
(4) report 
(5) surveys 


(1) detrimental 
(2) minor 
(3) profuse 
(4) benefited 
(5) vital 


(1) impact 
(2) status 
(3) quality 
(4) reason
(5) power


(1) declaring 
(2) established 
(3) measuring 
(4) reforming 
(5) govern 


(2) hide 
(3) review 
(4) display 
(5) supported 


(1) launch 
(2) predict 
(3) optimum 
(4) appreciate 
(5) maximize


(1) augmenting 
(2) avoiding 
(3) suspend 
(4) projects 
(5) detracting

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  • Answers Key:-

    Q.1. (1) accelerated
    Q.2. (3) astonished
    Q.3. (4) exceed
    Q.4. (2) tracks
    Q.5. (5) vital
    Q.6.(1) impact
    Q.7. (1) declaring
    Q.8.(4) display
    Q.9. (5) maximise
    Q.10. (2) avoiding

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