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Image result for general scienceDear readers. General Science or Every Day Science is more important section for every govt jobs and competitive exams as well as teaching jobs. Here we are preenting some most important 10 MCQs General Science questions and Answers for your better SSC or Indian Railway Exam Preparation. As many of the competitive examinations consists few General Science questions. So, Practice more with Daily GK Science Quiz. Answer and boost your memory.
Q.1. Which one of the following is not a synthetic fibre?
(A) Cotton
(B) Nylon
(C) Polystyrene
(D) Rayon

Q.2. Which substance is mixed to stiffen rubber?
(A) Sulphur
(B) Iron
(C) Calcium
(D) Magnesium
Q.3. What is the chemical name of baking soda?
(A) Sodium carbonate
(B) Sodium bicarbonate
(C) Sodium hydroxide
(D) Sodium chloride
Q.4. Which gas is essential for the process of photosynthesis?
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon dioxide
Q.5. In sea water which of the following salts is found in the highest quantity?
(A) Calcium chloride
(B) Sodium chloride
(C) Potassium chloride
(D) Potassium permanganate
Q.6. Twinkling of stars is due to the effect of _______. 
(A) Refraction of light
(B) Reflection of atmosphere
(C) Refraction of atmosphere
(D) Total internal reflection
Q.7. Which type of mirror is used while shaving?
(A) Concave mirror
(B) Convex mirror
(C) Plane mirror
(D) No specific mirror
Q.8. The process of formation of vapour from solid camphor is called ________.
(A) Freezing
(B) Evaporation
(C) Sublimation
(D) Condensation
Q.9. The particles which are present in the nucleus of the atom are __________.
(A) Proton and electron
(B) Electron and neutron
(C) Proton and neutron
(D) Proton, electron and neutron
Q.10. Which organ is primarily affected from Spondylitis?
(A) Lung
(B) Vertebral column
(C) Kidney
(D) Liver
Answer Key:
1. (A) All except cotton are synthetic fibres.
2. (A) Vulcanisation is a process to make rubber stiff.
3. (B) Sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name of baking soda.
4. (D) In photosynthesis carbon dioxide is used.
5. (B) In sea water, sodium chloride is present in the highest quantity.
6. (D) Twinkling of stars is due to the effect of total internal reflection.
7.  (A) Concave mirror is used while shaving.
8. (C) The process of conversion of camphor directly into vapour is sublimation.
9. (C) Proton and neutron are present in the nucleus of the atom.
10. (B) Spondylitis affects vertebral columns, bones and joints.

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