Sunday, 27 March 2016

GK Bits for RRB NTPC Exam 2016

Dear readers : GK Bits for RRB NTPC Exam 2016 this time we are presenting some questions and answers for General Knowledge Quiz questions for upcoming RRB NTPC Exam 2016. RRB NTPC Exam from 28th March, 2016. These Questions and answers are very most and expected series for recent updates.

Q. 1.Capital city of Nagaland is ?

Ans. Kohima

Q. 2.Who is the current Mizoram Governor ?

Ans.Nirbhay Sharma (Chech latest)

Q. 3.Capital City of Madhya Pradesh ?


Q. 4.What is the State bird of Telangana ?

Ans.Indian Roller

Q. 5.Wh o is the current Karnataka Chief minister ?


Q. 6.Capital city of Rajasthan ?


Q. 7.Who is the Current Tamilnadu Governor ?

Ans.K Rosaiah

Q. 8.Who is the Current Jammu & Kashmir Chief minister ?

Ans.Mufti Mohammed Syed

Q. 9.Capital City of Karnataka state ?


Q. 10.State Tree of Maharashtra ?


Q. 11.State flower of Odisha ?

Ans.Ashoka flower

Q. 12. State tree of Karnataka ?

Ans.Sandal wood

Q. 13.Panaji is capital city of Which Indian state ?


Q. 14.Who is the current Kerala Chief minister ?

Ans.OOmen Chandy

Q. 15.State capital of Himachal Pradesh ?


Q. 16.Who is the current governor of Tripura ?

Ans.Thathagata  roy

Q. 17.Judiciary capital of Chattisgarh ?


Q. 18.Capital city of Assam ?


Q. 19.Total number of districts in Andhra Pradesh ?


Q. 20.Who is the current chief minister of Madhya Pradesh ?

Ans.Shiv raj singh Chauhan

Q. 21.Chandigarh is capital city for Which state ?

Ans.Punjab & Haryana

Q. 22.Winter Capital of Jamu & Kashmir State ?

Ans.Sri nagar

Q. 23.Who is the Current Governor of Odisha ?

Ans.Dr.S C Jamir

Q. 24.Manik Sarkar is Current Chief minister of Which Indian State ?


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