Friday, 11 March 2016

General Knowledge/Current Affairs Test For LIC AAO Exam

General Knowledge/Current Affairs Test For LIC AAO Exam

Q.1. Which of the following companies is set to build the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower? 

1) Wipro 

2) Infosys 

3) Tata Consultancy Services 

4) Tech Mahindra

5) Accenture

Q.2. Who is the first woman to be appointed as Director General of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)? 

1) Neha Singh 

2) Bindiya Nayak

3) K Durga Devi 

4) Deepa Chauhan

5) Archana Ramasundram

Q.3. Which state government has launched a scheme titled ‘Ashray’ to save girl child? 

1) Uttar Pradesh 

2) Haryana

3) Madhya Pradesh 

4) Rajasthan

5) Punjab

Q.4. In which state India’s first railway university will come up? 

1) Karnataka

2) Kerala 

3) Gujarat 

4) Maharashtra

5) Madhya Pradesh

Q.5. The World Cancer day is observed on which date? 

1) February 4 

2) February 12 

3) March 17 

4) April 9

5) May 21

Q.6.____________ has won best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars 2016?

1) Embrace of the Serpent

2) Theeb

3) Son of SAUL

4) Mustang

5) A War

Q.7. Who has become the India’s first civil servant to successfully scale Mount Vinson Massif? 

1) Pankaj Chauhan 

2) Aniket Darra 

3) Aparna Kumar

4) Sudha Gupta 

5) Seema Verma

Q.8. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman of 21st Law Commission of India?

1) Y.V. Reddy

2) Vijay Kelkar 

3) Balbir Singh Chauhan 

4) M.S. Bassi

5) C.P. Thakur 

Q.9. Justice _________ has been appointed as the New Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh.

1) Birendra Singh

2) Sanjay Mishra

3) B.P. Pant

4) C.K. Shekhar

5) B.s. Bassi

Q.10. Hardik Pandya is related to which sports? 

1) Snooker 

2) Hockey 

3) Kabaddi 

4) Table Tennis 

5) Cricket

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