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GA GK Questions Asked (ESIC Exam) on 18th March 2016

Dear readers. In this article we are presenting some asked ga/gk questions sked in yesterday ESIC exam 18 March 2016. GA GK Questions Asked (ESIC Exam) on 18th March 2016 are very useful for upcoming esic and ssc or Indian railway exam. Thse questions were mixed from various events, static general knowledge and special recent news and current affairs. You check all ibps and indian govt jobs and banking jobs exam asked questions for your better exam preparation and review. We are trying to providing best study notes and many more quizzes for sound recruitment exam preparation for better study. Today's govt jobs is not easy and prepare with self confidence for merit score.

GA GK Questions Asked (ESIC Exam) on 18th March 2016

  1. Who elects state governor – President
  2. Dance of Kerala – Kathakali
  3. World bank HQ – Washington D.C.
  4. Who won Bharat ratna in very young age – Sachin Tendulkar
  5. First Woman CM in any state – Sucheta Kriplani
  6. Who wrote book Devdas – Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya
  7. Sattriya dance related to which state – Assam
  8. Which place has largest coal reserves – Raniganj
  9. Under which article Jammu and kashmir was given special status – Article 370
  10. Who acts as chancellor of state universities – Governor
  11. Anandmath written by – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  12. Longest serving CM of any indian state – Jyoti Basu
  13. Present captain of Indian Foot ball team – Sunil Chettri
  14. Which Language used in Gupta period – Sanskrit
  15. Khaziranga national park for which animal – Rhinos
  16. First Captain of National Indian Cricket team – C.K. Naidu
  17. Which amongst is not award related to sports and games – Ashok chakra (other 3 were sports awards)
  18. Full form of MLC – Members of Legislative Council
  19. Chandni padwa is famous in which state – Gujarat
  20. Largest producer of coffee beans – Karnataka
  21. Which material is found in majority in India – Sandal wood
  22. Which festival is celebrated in Punjab – Lohri
  23. In case of tie in general elections, whose vote decides the winner – President
  24. CEO of Infosys – Vishal Sikka
  25. Minority affairs minister – Dr. Najma Heptulla
  26. Malgudi days author – R.K. Narayan
  27. First female governor in india – Sarojini Naidu
  28. Highest civilian award of India – Bharat Ratna
  29. Dada Saheb Phalke award given for – Cinema
  30. India shares longest border with which country – Bangladesh
  31. Under 19 cricket winner team- West Indies
  32. CM of U.P. – Akhilesh Yadav
  33. CM of Jharkhand – Raghubar Das
  34. Onam celebrated at – Kerala
  35. New year of Maharashtra – Gudi Padwa
  36. Impeachment of President – Article 61
  37. “Broken wings” book written by – Sarojini Naidu
  38. Chief Justice of India – Tirath Singh Thakur
  39. Which of these books is not written by APJ abdul Kalam – Kalam
  40. SEZ full form – Special Economic Zone
  41. First state separated on linguistic basis – Andhra Pradesh
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