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Facts about India Post Must for everyone

Dear readers here is the very useful information about India POST Department for your general knowledge. These study notes must know every govt jobs seekers and also must for latest banking jobs. Current Affairs is most but static general knowledge is scoring part in competitive exam so read carefully and point note for better exam result score.
You know about India Post?

  1. The Department of posts was founded in India on 1st April, 1774. 
  2. This department serves as an agent of Govt.
  3. It provides services like letter post, parcel service, EMS,  delivery, freight forwarding , third-party logistics and deposit accounts, saving banks retailing, life insurance, remittance, life saving, remittance etc.
  4. Indian post has been terminated two of its major services such as Telegram and Money order in July.

Quick Facts About India Post

  • There is no separate ministry for the Department of Posts. It comes under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
  • Chandra Gupta Maurya is the first Indian king to be depicted on an Indian stamp.
  • Travancore state (a state of ancient India) had its own postal service calledAnchal.
  • World’s highest post office is located in Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh (15,500 feet).
  • All PINs (Postal Index Numbers) starting with 9 are meant for the Army Post Offices.
  • A letter that cannot be delivered or returned to the sender, is sent to Returned Letter Office (RLO).
  • The delivery of a letter you have posted can be stopped under a service called Recall of Postal Article.
    • What is Poste Restante? All articles superscribed C/o Postmaster or in any other similar way, are called Poste Restante articles.They have to be collected by the addressee from the Post Office. It is intended to cater the postal communication needs of travelers.
    • There are more than 1.5 lakh post offices across the country.
    • The first Indian Post Office outside the Indian Territory is located at Dakshin Gangotri in Antarctica. It was set up in 1983.
    • A letter that is posted without postage is charged for double the deficiency, which will be collected from the addressee who has the option to refuse. If so, it'll be collected from the sender compulsorily (Of course, only if he can be traced).
    • The earliest efficient postal system in India was in the 14th century , which came to its height during the 16th century, under the great Mughal emperor, Akbar.
    • In 1876, India became a member of the Universal Postal Union.

Quick and Interesting fcts about India post:

Founder ofTelegraph and postal in India
Governor General Lord System Dalhousie
First General post Office opened in India
First postage stamp of india
Sinde Dawk (1852)
Pin system started in India
The first Indian Post Office Outside India
Dakshin Gangotri in Antartica ( 1983), indian Territory
Speed Post started in India
Money Order system
Postal Life Insurance started
Postal staff college situated at
World Postal Day is Observed on
9th October
Indian Postal Day is observed on
10th October
Trending Jobs in Indian Post Office Dept.

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