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Current Affairs Preparation Tips from various personnel across India

Dear readers every candidate have question for current affairs that How can I efficiently prepare for the current affairs?
So, here we are presenting some current affairs and gk preparation tips for your upcoming govt jobs, banking jobs and competitive exam preparation. 

Answers from various personnel across India for Current Affairs Preparation we are preenting below for your review.

Current Affairs Preparation Tips No. 1

Here are few tips that might help :
1. Reading Hindu/Indian express is a must an if possible start making notes out of it (they surely help in the lst moment).
2. Do go to and read the articles on current affairs, they are a great help.
3. Don't buy GA books in the starting, if possible,subscribe to a current affairs magazine and you shall succeed.

Current Affairs Preparation Tips No. 2

Firstly, THERE IS NO ONE COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE THAT WILL COVER ALL THE CURRENT AFFAIRS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW FOR THE EXAM. You NEED to refer to multiple sources. You should note that the questions they ask in CLAT GK section(even current affairs) are just facts. They are not going to ask opinions or comments made by some random politician on some random occasion.
It is utter stupidity to go and pick up the newspapers of January 2013 and start reading because the affairs of 2013 would be covered in CLAT 2013 or 2014 itself, therefore it is reasonable to presume they are going to question you from affairs of June 2014 to April 2015. As mentioned earlier they are going to focus on facts, as to current affairs lay your emphasis on IMPORTANT Appointments,(for eg. newly appointed chief finance secretary and important appointments in high level national and international committees and organisations. Just because they've mentioned some XXX was appointed as additional secretary of YYY commission doesn't mean its important, you need to be prudent in deciding whether a particular appointment is important or not otherwise you ll just end up with pages and pages of information for all we know most of it irrelevant. The same funda applies in studying other current affairs also) Awards, Important days, Summits and venues(know even the themes of these summits and days if mentioned), Union Ministry's policies, Deaths(apart from the field of the person who just died, know a little more about him/her like what they were known for or what made them popular), United Nations, Book releases and authors(all books released which are authored by people in the union executive or the judiciary are important), Highlight MoUs and treaties, Persons/Places in news, Commissions and committees, Major developments or breakthroughs in ISRO and DRDO, Sports news (preferably cricket and tennis)etc. 
Apart from the newspapers subscribe to a good monthly such as Pratiyogita Darpan or Competition Success Review or Civil Services Chronicle. You can also refer to online sources. Jagran Josh is a pretty comprehensive source. If you can get access to CL updates that would be great.
 It is important that you make notes as you ll have to remember it till may and its a lot of information for just 20-25 marks of the paper which is of course very valuable. Revision is as important as studying itself. 
When you are studying don't try to mug it up or anything. Just read/write it down casually. Its absolutely okay if you are not able to recollect it in a particular situation because you'll be given options in the exam. So when you see the name in the options you'll automatically remember it. 
Try to answer as many questions in current affairs as possible. Again, the weekly interactive quizzes on Jagran Josh and also the weekly quizzes on are quite helpful. By answering these questions you'll not only remember the affairs better but you ll also know a lot of things that you either didn't study from the above mentioned sources or you missed out on them due to some or the other reason. It will also help you in the preparation as you'll be able to understand the kind of news you should concentrate on more by answering these questions... By doing all this you can be sure of getting atleast 85-90% of the questions in current affairs right. All the best.

Current Affairs Preparation Tips No. 3

If you are preparing for the current affairs section in CLAT- 2015 then you need to follow certain tips:-
1)   Start reading Newspaper (The Hindu, Times of India and Hindustan Times).
2)   Read current affairs magazines like India Today. If possible you can make notes of the entire current affair.
3)   You can also read various articles available online.
4)   You can also buy General Knowledge Books.
By following these steps you can increase your G.K. Wish you good luck for your exam.

Current Affairs Preparation Tips No. 4

Everyday current affairs in just one page. You don't have to read so  many newspapers or magazines.  Reading this single page is enough.

Current Affairs Preparation Tips No. 5

Getting hold on GK will be a result of constant and regular efforts put by you. Ensure to read newspaper on a daily basis and make notes if possible.
You can read The Hindu or The Times of India. No need to read the full newspaper. Only focus on National news, Editorial, Business and Sports sections. Rest of the pages are useless for your prep.

Buy a good general awareness book, read newspapers (like The Hindu, Indian Express) on daily basis and make notes of important issues from the same. Refer to recent final court verdicts and jot it down(famous cases). Take weekly quiz and solve lots and lots of mock test. I think this would be more than enough. 

Here is an app that one of my friend recently recommended me. I am using it from 3 days and it sounds good enough to me. I am sharing the link through which I downloaded. You guys can give it a try!

Mostly by reading the papers, REGULARLY. I used to take imp topics from paprs and make notes, very short precise notes about them, when i was prep for 2012. You can do that, there is Success Competition Review and other books to help. Manorama, (I dont think i got the name right) is also a very popular book between people preepping up for CLAT. Some others books similar in anute and the papers like Indian Express and Hindu will be really helpful..

So, we hope that these 5 Tips for your current affairs preparation may guide you for upcoming exams. visit daily for better free resource and guidelines for your better future.

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