Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Computer Quiz for IBPS/LIC Exam 172

Q.1. Which device cannot be shared in network?

1. Floppy

2. Keyboard

3. Computer

4. Printer

5. None of these

Q.2. The name Patrick Naughton is associated to which language?

1. C++

2. C

3. Pascal

4. Java


Q.3. Software used for database management can store data, update it, __________ it, retrieve it, report it, and print it.

1. manipulate

2. download

3. see

4. all of the above

5. none of these

Q.4. Which of the following is not a utility program?

1. File copying

2. Listing files

3. Sending files to printer

4. File conversion

5. None of these

Q.5. If you wish to extend the length of the network without having the signal degraded, you would use a

1. Switch

2. Gateway

3. Router

4. Repeater

5. None of These

Q.6. The REN command in DOS is used to-

1) change the name of the file

2) move a file from one location to another

3) delete a file and its contents

4) All of the above

5) None of these

Q.7. Where does encryption and decryption of data take place in OSI model?

1. Transport layer

2. Presentation layer

3. Session layer

4. Application layer

5. one of these

Q.8. What is SDLC?

1. Software Development Life Cycle

2. Software Destruction Life Cycle

3. Software Development Legal Cycle

4. System Development Life Cycle

5. None of these

Q.9. What is Google Chrome?

1. Web browser 

2. Search engine

3. ISP

4. VPN

5. All of the above

Q.10. Platter is found in-

1. HDD

2. FDD

3. Flash

4. SDD

5. RAM





Q.4.None of these


Q.6.Change the name of the file

Q.7.Presentation layer

Q.8. Software Development Life Cycle

Q.9.Web browser

Q.10. HDD

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