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Banking Abbreviations Quiz 20 MCQs

Dear mm expert readers. We are posting some most important and expected 20 Banking Abbreviations Quiz questions and Answers for your upcoming banking jobs, RRB NTPC Exam, SSC Exam, RBI, SBI and all competitive recruitment exams. Thse Banking Abbreviations Quiz 20 MCQs Full Forms Questions are very important for every aspirants who are preparing for future in Indian Govt jobs and banking jobs. These questions and answers are very useful for interview for job seekers also.

Why banking awareness is important for banking jobs? This is most common questions for every aspirants so if you want to find this question answers then click me. Practice makes a man perfect so, practice more and more for getting your target aim in permanent jobs.
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Q.1. What is the full form of "NDSAP"?
A.National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy
B.National Deposit and Surcharge Profit
C.Native Scheme for Deposit Policy
D.National Data Sharing and Active Policy
Answer: A

Q.2. What is the full form of "SCB"?
A.Simple Cash Binding
B.Scheduled Commercial Bank
C.State Cooperative Bank
D.SMB Cooperative Bank
Answer: C

Q.3. What is the full form of "IFSC"?
A.Invesment in Foreign System Console
B.Indian Financial System Code
C.Indian and Foreign Committee for Credit
D.International Financial System code
Answer: B

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Q.4. What is the full form of "AMEX"?
A.American Express
B.American Exchange
C.Annual Marketing Exchange
D.American Stock Exchange
Answer: A

Q.5. What is the full form of "HSBC"?
A.Housing and Share Broking Commission
B.Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Corporation
C.Hewlett and B'ackards Corporation
D.Havells and Business Corporation
Answer: B

Q.6. What is the full form of "SCB"?
A.Statistical Business Consortium
B.Scheduled Commercial Bank
C.Statistical Conversion Board
D.Standard Board of Counselling
Answer: B

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Q.7. What is the full form of "ICICI"?
A.Investment Corporation of Induatrial Credit for India
B.Investor Corporation for Insurance Commission of India
C.Industrial Convention and Investment Corporation of India
D.Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
Answer: D

Q.8. What is the full form of "IIBI"?
A.Indian Insurance Board of India
B.Industrial Investment Board of India
C.Insurance and Investment Board of India
D.Industrial Investment Bank of India
Answer: D

Q.9. What is the full form of "BoP"?
A.Business Owner's Policy
B.Balance of Payments
C.Balance Of Power
D.Bill of Process
Answer: B

Q.10. What is the full form of "IBA"?
A.International Bank for America
B.Indian Bank Association
C.Individual Business Administration
D.Insurance Administrative Board
Answer: B

Q.11. What is the full form of "CBS"?
A.Central Banking Sector
B.Credit Basis on Service
C.Coversion of Banking solicitate
D.Consolidated Banking Statistics
Answer: D

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Q.12. What is the full form of "EXIM Bank"?
A.External Investment Mode
B.Extra Premium Insurance Made
C.Export Import Bank of India
D.Exclusive Monthly Installment
Answer: C

Q.13. What is the full form of "CDBS"?
A.Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
B.Consolidated Database System
C.Consolidated Data Base Search
D.Central Data Base System
Answer: A

Q.14. What is the full form of "DRT"?
A.Divided and Revised Trading
B.Deposit for Returning Traders
C.Debt Recovery Tribunals
D.Devolopment and Rapid Transition
Answer: C

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Q.15. What is the full form of "UBB"?
A.United Bureau of Banking
B.Unified Banking Business
C.Uniform Balance Book
D.Undivided Broking Balance
Answer: C

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Q.16. What is the full form of "WPI"?
A.World Provident Inc
B.With Providing Interest
C.Without Providing Interest
D.Wholesale Price Index
Answer: D

Q.17. What is the full form of "CBS"?
A.Central Bureau of Statistics
B.Central Banking Solution
C.Central Bureau for Statistics
D.Core Banking Solution
Answer: D

Q.18. What is the full form of "SLR"?
A.Statutary Liquidity Ratio
B.Standard Liquidity Rate
C.Stable Landing Rate
D.Simple Lending Ratio
Answer: A


Q.19. What is the full form of "UCB"?
A.Union Cooperative Bank
B.Urban Cooperative Bank
C.United Corporation Bank
D.Unique Conveying Basis Points
Answer: B

Q.20. What is the full form of "ECB"?
A.Extended Commodity Business
B.External Commercial Borrowing
C.Eternal Carry over Banking
D.Exclusive Commission for Barrowing
Answer: B

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