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Why Computer Awareness is Important for Bank and Competitive Exam

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You know that today every competitive exam has computer knowledge section. So, at his time we are discussing in details about Why Computer Awareness is Important for Bank and Competitive Exam. Today we are sharing some extra subject analysis. We all know that govt jobs exam each subject is scoring and it's characteristics its self so don't ignore particular simple because even only 1 mark can change your life or may be corrupt! Think deeply and analyze this thinking in detail.

Why Computer Awareness is Important for Bank and Competitive Exam

After reading above details perhaps you get a perfect knowledge about computer section importance. So don't risk and give most subject in your subject and prepare better as main subject. All subjects are important for every aspirant in all competitive exams. So this subject as normal subject but in according to exam environment and question paper level you give computer section as much important section with high property.

Computer Awareness V/S Computer Knowledge Difference

Hi, Guy's we know that computer awareness and computer knowledge are near similar word (means subject) but if we think in details so we can get more different result for it. We are not saying only via definition but here we are providing more knowledgeable idea for differentiate for these keyword.
What is Computer Awareness: This is simple keyword about basic fundamental knowledge about computer. Here Awareness, awareness means "basic knowledge", we can say that If a person know second person but first person know only second person name and face details. so here is first person know about second person basic knowledge not deeply knowledge ha ha ha.... this is awareness. But if first person know about second person person following details

Know about Computer Awareness and Computer Knowledge

Below we are giving two example for your better understadle knowledge about computer awareness and computer knowledge. read this detail as joking and fun learning concept for these things.
Part -1 :"Example of Computer Awareness" :  If First person know about second person only name, face detail, fathers name and some short details about second person then then here we can say that first person only know second person about awareness.

Part -2 :"Example of Computer Knowledge"  If First person know about second person name, face details, fathers name, mothers name, marriage details, education details, occupation detail then here we can say that first person know knowledge about second person.

We aspect that you lean the basic concept about awareness and knowledge of computer part in every govt jobs and competitive exam. 

Important Topics for Computer Awareness and Computer Knowledge Section for jobs exam.

Here we are publishing some chapter details for this section.
1. What is Computer?
2. Computer Histroy and Basic Knowledge
3. Computer Generations and Used parts and technologies in particular generations.
4. What is computer package like-Office Package, DTP Package, Framework Package, Security Package, Entertainment Package, Programming Package.....! (we will updating more after some time).
5. Operating System Concept, Parts and Types of OS in Computer, Mobile and Laptop's
6. Licence and Open Source Concept
7. User Interface : CUI and GUI
8. Short Cut for Computer and Microsoft Office (word, excel, powerpoint application)
9. Basic overview for computer programming concepts.
10. Technology Hardware and software used in today's
11. Network Fundamental : Router, IP/TCP, Protocol, Devices and technology used in network.
12. Personal Area Network types- with Wi-Fi Full Forms and network understanding

To be continued..... some wait

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