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Tips for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam

IBPS Specialist Officer is expected to be conducted in the month of February 2016. The IBPS SO Exam is conducted for recruitment for specialist role. The total time for the examination is 2 hours and there are 200 questions asked in the examination.

Plan your schedule

It is very important for you to prepare your schedule and the way in which you go about preparation. Various training institutes provide online packages and tools that provide awareness on the test-taking strategies, simulated tests on all areas and much needed insight on how to crack IBPS IT Officer exam. In addition to your exam preparation, you have to include adequate sleeping hours during the preparation days, so that you do not reach a zombie state bereft of sleep. Also, never put in too much of last hour cramming lest you might consider dozing off during the exam.

Know you exam

The IBPS IT Officer Exam consists of Objective test which has 200 questions with 75 Questions based on what you have studied in your graduation. You would really do well, if you are aware of the exam format and the interface. It makes sure that you do not get a shock of your life, the first time you attempt the IBPS IT Officer exam.

Focus on your weak areas of study

IBPS IT Officer requires you to have impeccable data analysis skill, immaculate reasoning ability and polished English grammar skills, all of which does not come naturally to many. You have to identify the areas in which you are strong and those which require enhancement and specifically focus your preparation in that direction. You have to guard against laying more emphasis on the areas you are traditionally strong in, while neglecting other comparatively weaker areas of study.  This invariably leads to a skewed level of preparation and below standard performance in the final exam.

Focus Specimen Common Questions just like- 

Many times we don't follow some basic specific questions and answers and avoid them then this is must strategy that complete all major questions for basic concepts and know it

Q. 1 If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as?
1. Wb server
2. Application Server
3. Database Server
4. FTP Server

Ans. 3

Q. 2 The Term gigabyte refers to
1. 1024 bytes
2. 1024 kilobytes
3. 1024 megabytes
4. None of these


Q. 3. Information Technology Act in India was amended in
1. 2000
2. 2005
3. 2008
4. 2010

Ans. 3

Q. 4. Electronic kiosk is one form of:
1. non-store retailing
2. Supermarket
3. Discount retailer
4. limited line retailer

Ans. 1

Q. 5. Digital Signature is
1. Scanned Signature on Computer
2. Software to recognize Signature
3. Public Key Encryptiion
4. Code number of the sender

Ans. 3

Q. 6. Approximately how many bytes make one megabyte?
1. One thousand
2. Ten thousand
3. One hundred
4. One million

Ans: 4

Q. 7. This is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it.
1. Network piracy
2. Plagiarism
3. Software piracy
4. Site-license piracy
5. None of these

Ans: 3 

Q. 8. Fax machines and imaging systems are examples of—
1. Bar-code readers
2. Imaging systems
3. Scanning devices
4. Pen-based systems

Ans : 2

Q. 9. When writing a document, you can use the ……… feature to find an appropriate word or an alternative word if you find yourself stuck for the right word.
1. Dictionary
2. Word finder
3. Encyclopaedia
4. Thesaurus
5. None of these

Ans: 1  

Q. 10. In an information system, alphanumeric data normally takes the form of—
1. Sentences and paragraphs
2. Numbers and alphabetical characters
3. Graphic shapes and figures
4. Human voice and other sounds
5. None of these

Ans : 2 

Practice simulated tests
Apart from getting a real life experience of taking a simulated IBPS IT Officer test, it also helps you budget your time, and to pace and strategize the way you should take the exam. You may have your own way of taking exam and should stick to it, but you should also apply small tricks of elimination, backward answer taking etc. that goes a long way in ensuring a strong performance.

Section wise IBPS IT Officer Exam Preparation Strategy

Reasoning: Most of the questions in the reasoning section focus on choice making based on critical and scientific thinking. It is very important to practice as many questions as you can from reasoning section. You should also focus on how to solve different types of reasoning question.
English Language: You should focus on improving your Vocabulary and English grammar knowledge. You must read Newspapers, articles, novel etc and try to focus on the words whose meaning you don’t know.
Quantitative Aptitude: Try to work on your calculation speed and get good understanding of various concepts which you have studied from class 8 to 10. You should also do lot of practice questions to improve your speed in this section.
Professional Knowledge: Most Important piece of paper is Professional Knowledge. For this section you must go through books from last study like or graduation books.

Meritmock Team wishes you all the best! Good Luck! God Speed!

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