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LIC AAO Salary

There is not much awareness about jobs in insurance companies compared to the buzz around upcoming bank jobs.With many public sector insurance organizations coming up with recruitments, candidates are very eager to know about the LIC AAO Salary & Job Profile.So we are publishing this article that will talk about the duties, salary & future growth aspects of this position.

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I hope you know that similar to government owned banks there are public sector insurance companies as well.The most popular PSU`s in this sector are LIC, NIC, GIC, UIIC, NIC, OILC etc.

AAO Job Profile:

What is the role of an Assistant Administrative Officer? is one question constantly asked by aspirants.

With the latest LIC AAO 2016 recruitment being announced for 700 vacancies, freshers will surely be interested to apply for these posts.

As the name suggests, AAO job involves more of administrative work that

  • may include devising new schemes, inspecting policies, 
  • managing & filing claims, client interactions,
  • co-coordinating with other depts. about a scheme/ policy, provide assistance etc.
  • perform any other works as & when specified by dept head/ administrative officer
The LIC AAO job profile does not involve travelling extensively but at times, they may have to visit certain areas for follow up & not specifically for sales.

Which department posting? There are many departments within LIC such as
  • Finance/Accounts,
  • New Business
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Policy Servicing
  • Claims
  • Marketing/ Sales
  • Actuarial
  • Inspection

Some of these departments work only at Zonal, Divisional & Central Office levels only

So if you are appointed as AAO - posting could be in specific departments as given above OR as a general officer.

Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) is another important post in LIC.Their main work is to recruit agents, give them required training for policy sales & enable them to provide service for existing customers.

The job profile of AAO & ADO are completely different.

LIC AAO Salary:

According to the recent LIC AAO recruitment notice, the monthly salary is approx Rs.40,245 per month (including allowances) at metropolitan cities.This amount will differ slightly in other cities.
While the above pay is inclusive of allowances, your take home/ in-hand salary could be around Rs.33,000/ month.
AAO`s are also entitled for PF, pension, LTC, 2/4 wheeler loans, mediclaim, medical benefits & much more.

Salary to Increase:The payscale for AAO`s is Rs.17240 – 32640, which is pending revision.Once its approved by the government, you can expect an increase in salary for LIC AAO employees further.

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Future Prospects & Promotions

Among the public sector insurance companies, LIC is the majority player with crores of policy holders as its customers.Therefore, it requires large number of employees to reach out to its current user base & also bring new business.

As senior level retirements are happening every year, new recruits have a very good chance to move up the ladder through promotions.

The LIC AAO promotion & growth path is explaine din the chart below:

After gaining certain level of experience, AAOs are promoted as Administrative Officer
There are also chances to move to other departments as Assistant Branch Manager (ABM) through internal posting.
Since future growth depends on promotion policies adopted by LIC & various parameters set by them, exact duration cannot be commented by us.

But industry experts say that the AAO promotion could happen between 5 - 8 years.

How much is the Salary of LIC AAO?

LIC AAO Exam 2016

LIC AAO Salary

Basic pay of Rs. 17240 /- per month

The Scale of Rs. 17240- 840(14) –29000– 910(4) – 32640 (Under Revision) 
and other admissible allowances as per rules. 

Total Salary of LIC AAO: Administrative Officer

Total emoluments at the minimum of the scale inclusive of House Rent Allowance & City Compensatory Allowance wherever admissible depending upon the classification of the city will be approximately Rs 40,245/- per month in ‘A’ Class city. (Revised for 2016)

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Other benefits are 

  • Defined Contributory  Pension,  
  • Special Allowance for passing Actuarial Examination, 
  • Gratuity,
  • LTC,
  • Medical Benefit,
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance,
  • Group Insurance,
  • Vehicle Loan (2-wheeler/4 wheeler) as per rules.

Probation period for Life Insurance AAO:

One year, extendable up to 2 years. 

What it is like working is AAO?

Purtiraj, Administrative Officer from Chennai Emphasis on "Office Atmosphere" 

Pros: Learning Process, Flexible timing, Good employee-employer relation.
Cons: Routine Culture.

Dev Patel from Gujarat, Vadodara AAO

Pros: Good working atmosphere and easy going.
Cons: There is no growth and monotonous work, Low perks.

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Which one is better LIC AAO or Bank PO?

It takes a long time for promotion to AO from AAO (even 4-6 years) and in SBI double promotion can happen after two years of joining.

Comment below your view and help yourself and other candidates of life insurance Assistant administrative officer 2016 exam.

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