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Improve your English for Bank Exams

Dear expert readers! We are with General English section for bank lic railway and ssc exan. Here we are presenting some guidelines for English section in Ibps Bank Exam 'Improve your English for Bank Exams'. These points are very usefull for every ibps bank exam aspirants. Read our daily quiz for bank exam English with free English Study Notes for your better preparation. English language is one of the important section of IBPS, SBI, SSC or any other recruitment exam. We have shared IBPS tips, tricks and shortcuts sections wise, open the links to find shortcuts techniques.

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This section will comprise the following types of important questions:

Spend not more than 25 mins on this section, if possible do within 20 mins

Reading Comprehension ( 2 passages) 
• Fill In The Blanks/Sentence Improvement 

Tips to Appear in the General English Paper:

A. First things first, attempt only those questions about which you are 100% certain, stay away from guess work no matter what.

B. Firstly for the students who are weak in English, we recommend that you do not ignore the RC and score maximum from it.
But Do it at the end, so as to avoid wastage of time. This strategy increases the efficiency.

Steps For Doing RC:

Most of you are confused whether to attempt the RC or not.Well RC can actually be your saving glory in the exams, as it does not require any grammar rules or guess work, all you need to do is to look for the answers. Now 2 rc is expected in the exams, well you obviously cannot immediately read long passages due to lack of time.
So what do you do?
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  • Do the vocabulary questions first.
  • For other questions, read one question and then search for the answer quickly, looking for similar words in the paragraphs. But make sure you do it really quickly. Once you get the needed lines of the answer in the RC, then compare it with the options given in the question.
  • If you are unable to locate an answer then move to the next question, but do not get stuck on any question!! Using this method you will be able to attempt the RC in a short span of time and it will help you score well too
  • This method seems odd, but works beautifully in the exams. You still have time before the exams, try it at home as an experiment to see if it works for you.
  • Also stay away from questions like what is the authors view in this passage, or what is the author trying to say, as these questions are usually quite controversial.
  • So basically these exams require you to be really smart . And smartness comes from practice. 

C. You can even attempt cloze tests. If at all you do get confused by the options, start by eliminating the the options that don't seem to fit in the question. This strategy also helps sometimes in reaching the correct answer. But remember no rule applies to all. So again you need to be smart.

D. Next comes fillers where you can easily attempt 2-3 questions but sometimes the words given are too difficult and the options are too close. So it is better to avoid those and rest you can decide on your own.

E. Next try attempting the para-jumbles as they do not require you to know the grammar well. Even if the para jumble question is tough, even then you can attempt 1-2 questions. For example the 1st statement, the last statement, the 2nd statement.

F. Rest of the sections go through, but only attempt those in which you are 100 % sure.
Don't forget that there is negative marking, so no point losing marks by guess work especially in a subject which is not your strength.

Again the exam is not a test of your knowledge, but a test of how efficiently you score and manage your time. So do not get attached  to any question. Attempt only those questions about which you are 100 percent sure.

Lastly for all students - give on-line mock exams if possible as this helps in making strategies, increases speed, and gives you experience for the real battle.

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How To Prepare For English In Bank Exams

  • Pay attention to the grammatical mistakes as they can change the meaning of the sentence. It is advisable that the candidate spends some time in learning the usage of grammar.
  • Another blunder made by the candidate in bank exam is the spelling mistakes. The best way to avoid this mistake to re-check the paper and make sure that there are no such errors in the paper.
  • Make sure that while putting down your thoughts and ideas on paper, the sentence formation is correct. The candidate should improve his/ her way of speaking good English to perk up sentence formation.
  • The candidate should make a habit of reading English newspaper on a regular basis especially the editorial part as it helps in improving comprehension skills and better understanding of the language.
  • Reading newspapers also helps in improving vocabulary; the candidate should note down the difficult words and look up for their meaning in dictionary.
  • Read good grammar books of 10th level like Wren and Martin and practice sets for English language on a regular basis. Check your score, go through the questions in which you faced difficulty, and practice them accordingly.
  • The next important part in English is comprehension which helps you to score better in the subject. There are around 15 questions based on a paragraph which can be easily solved once you understand the paragraph.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks section is another section wherein you can score by just improving grammatical skills. There are 10 questions in a paragraph where you have to fill-in-the-blanks in the sentences and 5 questions on conventional fill-in-the-blanks type questions).
  • Finding errors in a sentence requires good understanding of the English grammar and regular practice.
  • For descriptive part, practice writing skills by writing short notes on any day to day topics to develop your skill of sentence formation and proper usage of grammar.

RECOGNIZE YOURSELF with following guidelines

Time Management
While writing the exam, it’s better to attempt General Awareness section first and then the English section. Aim to finish both the sections within 20-25 minutes.
Reading Comprehension
Please note that Most of the times Reading Comprehension paragraphs comes from National newspapers and "The Hindu" is the most loved newspapers by question paper setters. 
  • You may skip the Reading Comprehension question if you are unable to manage time and finish the section within first 25 minutes.
  • However, never skip the comprehension as a whole. Read the questions and try to locate the question sentence in the passage. Some questions will be easy to answer.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms can be answered easily if you are familiar with many English words. Try to study as many English words as possible.
  • Read English newspaper daily. That will improve reading and comprehending capability.
  • While reading newspapers, English novels, note down the unfamiliar words you come across and study the meanings for the same.
  • Comprehend the question before attempting to answer. The answers will not be in a format of copy-paste from the passage. Read carefully and understand. Then only you will be able to answer accurately.
Error Spotting
For solving the error spotting questions, be thorough with the English Grammar. Check for Subject-Verb agreement first. For 80% of questions, error will be in subject-verb agreement. If there is no error there, check for preposition. Subject – Tense agreement is the other common error in questions.
Para Jumbles     
Identify the first and last sentences first. That is the key to solving Para Jumbles (Sentence rearrangement question).
Cloze Test      
Study as many English words as you can. Your power of vocabulary helps a lot in answering the cloze test accurately.
Grammatical Correction of Sentences
Check for subject- verb and subject-tense agreement.
Improving Vocabulary
Study 10 new English words daily. Meaning and example sentences for the words should be noted. Read English newspaper daily. Read English novels and magazines. Note down the unfamiliar words you come across and study their meanings.
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You can find IBPS books for English section in my list bank exams books.

18 Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS Bank Exam

1. Understand the pattern
Before you start your preparation for any competitive exam, it is good that you take a deep look at the exam pattern. It is necessary for English section of IBPS exam that we check its complete pattern and syllabus before we start its preparation.
By checking pattern of exam you can save lots of time in giving your precious time to the main areas of English. The main areas from where the questions generally come are reading comprehension, sentences correction and fill in the blanks types questions.
2. Comprehension preparation
Reading Comprehension paragraph seems like nothing but a waste of time. But with the help of this section one can score full marks if he is able to answer all the questions accurately. The very basic requirement for reading comprehensions is reading skills. After that it comes on vocabulary of the students. If you have good vocabulary then you can easily relate to typical words too.
The main problem arises when you have given indirect questions. Students need to avoid lengthy paragraph that contains fewer questions. Try to understand the theme and subject of the paragraph. There can be some questions based on synonym and antonyms, try them first.
3. English grammar and Vocabulary
Reading comprehension, sentence correction and spotting the errors are the part of non grammatical English. There is a proper step by step order to learn English grammar. Follow that order and start leaning basic rules of English grammar. To master in English grammar you need to practice a lot.
Vocabulary is something that can never be ignored in reading comprehensions. You should know this fact that you can not improve you vocabulary in few days or months. Vocabulary improvement is a continuous process. Check out our article how to improve your English vocabulary skills?
4. Sentence corrections and arrangement
In actual there is no specific rule to solve these type of questions. You need to follow Hit and trail method to solve the questions. Try to identify the link between the two sentences. Practice a lot with sample paper and previous year papers. Turn ON your PC and surf related questions of sentence corrections and rearrangement on internet. As much you practice them, soon you will be able to solve these questions.
5. Spotting the errors
The only element used in cracking these types of questions is your command on English grammar. If you know English grammar well then you will defiantly score highest marks with the help of this section and if you are weak in grammar then it can pain you a lot in learning.
Sometimes, the questions in error spotting are directly from grammar rules. If you want to improve them then practice a lot with the help of internet.
6. Read Newspaper and magazines
Newspapers are very important in our career and education. With the help of newspapers one can improve his vocabulary skills. Also one can get updated with the current happenings. Check out our article on importance of reading newspapers for students.
Also magazines play an important role in summing up your knowledge about banks. As we all know that there will be some questions on banking awareness. Reading magazines like India today and DNA can help you a lot in improving your banking awareness.
So far we have discussed 6 tips, about in 5 tips I said you to practice previous year papers, sample papers and other question papers related to IBPS. Reason is quite obvious because English needs only practice. It is not like your 12th board exam where you can cram and write the answers. Here only practice can make you the winner of English section. Find online sources where you can get lots of sample papers and start practicing them.
As we highly recommended in our previous article for you to begin with English section,  here we are with “Tips and Tricks” to solve English Section for you to ace the test.
This is one section that gets mixed responses from candidates depending upon their educational background and preparation level. For some, this is an easy task but for others, this section becomes  a nightmare and biggest hurdle to clear the sectional  cut-offs.
We are bring you the detailed analysis of the English section for your perusal,

8. There will be 30 questions in the English Section of IBPS PO Prelims Exam with questions from sub section divided as follows:
Reading Comprehension 10
Cloze Test5
Sentence Correction5
Spot the error5
Fill in the blanks5
Para jumbles5
9. We reiterate that if you feel you have a command over English then this should be the starting section for IBPS PO. You can finish it within 10-15 minutes.
10. For those, who feel that English is not their forte i.e. it is average, we would still recommend that you should start your  IBPS PO exam with this section. Try to read carefully and avoid small mistakes. Remember to be extra cautious with Para jumbles. If you are not too sure about a problem, it is better to leave it. If you attempt 17+ questions in this section with good accuracy, you will be able to clear the sectional cut off without much trouble. The maximum time spent on this section should be 15 minutes.
11. If you feel that your English is really weak, then and then only you should attempt it after the Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude sections. Try to solve as many questions in the above mentioned sections as you can to clear overall cut-off even if you score less in English. Since, it’s your weakest section, don’t save more than 15 minutes for this section. Aim to get 12+ questions right. Plan ahead to figure out which sections do you regularly score well in English . Based on our analysis, we recommend you to avoid Para jumbles. Instead attempt Fill in the blanks, cloze test and Sentence correction question. Once you are done with them, attempt vocabulary questions from Reading Comprehension. This would be enough to clear the sectional cut-offs.
Topic Wise Tips
12.. Reading Comprehension: It’s generally suggested to read the paragraph first and then the questions in RC section. But on a computer screen, it doesn’t make much sense as you can’t underline the important information. Hence, in order to saver time and increase accuracy, we recommend that you have a cursory look at the questions first and then go through the passage. This ensures that while reading the passage you exactly know as to what is being asked, answer it correctly and go on to the next question. Now for the synonym/antonym and vocabulary questions of RC, first read the questions carefully and then identify the sentence in which the word is present and read it once. Then, have a look at your options and trust your intuition to answer the question i.e. the first choice that props up in your mind is the most probable answer.
13. Cloze Test: One paragraph with numbered blanks. Read our close test english quiz for your sound bank exam preparation.These questions are easy and help you improve your performance. If you are confused between two options, then move onto to the next question, solve it and come back to the question where you are confused. You will now have a better idea about the correct choice.
14. Fill in the blanks: Go with the elimination rule and you can easily solve this section by eliminating options and getting them down to 50-50 choice. Again, trust your instinct for choosing between the two options.
15. Spot the error /Sentence Correction: Eliminate options by reading the sentence and asking yourself “Does this sound right?”

Improving high score in English section 

16. Pick up an e book(fictional/non fictional), newspaper or journal which is just above your current level of reading. Keep a dictionary handy. Spend around an hour or so daily for this activity. Not only will it improve your speaking skills, it will also help increase your reading speed which comes in VERY handy while attempting any competitive exam, especially IBPS PO where your race is against time. Faster reading speed can make a critical difference in clearing the cutoff since it enables you to read more questions in stipulated time. Besides the above mentioned benefits, reading the newspaper drastically improves your general knowledge. Try reading most of the things on a computer or laptop screen. It will make your eyes and body accustomed to a computer screen where you have to write the exam finally. The above activity will help you in all the sections especially in RC .
17. Listen to speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles. This increases knowledge of spoken english and comes in handy while attempting sentence completion and parajumbles. Do it for 30 minutes daily.

18. Talk to people in English. You may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but you will soon discover that with more talking, your confidence as well as your accuracy is increasing. This increased confidence will help build up the trust in your intuition and save you precious minutes while attempting the English section of IBPS PO Prelim exam.
So folks, these were the tips for preparing the English Section of IBPS PO Prelim. For Tips on Reasoning and Quantitative Sections keep checking our bulletin. We will publish them soon.
We agree that we might have been unable to cover all your queries in the above tips, so feel free to shoot your questions in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to answer them! Share these tips with your friends and get their good wishes! All the best.
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So it was all about 18 Important Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS Bank Exam? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.

How To Improve English For Bank Exams

You know! This is a common problem among all the students. The main reason of lacking skills in English is nervousness. Indeed, most of the students fumble in the exam hall due to lack of confidence. Confidence is the key to every step in life. Hard work obviously helps but Confidence gives us the extra fuel.

We should not forget that our ancestors during the British Raj served them and they were pretty much fluent in English language. So we should not fear the subject rather we should start exploring it. English is always interesting and it automatically gives us confidence. A person who can converse in English can easily approach anyone. However, English is not alone gives us the confidence but it has a vast effect in it.

So lets get started.

1. Dictionary: People who really want to improve should buy a Dictionary immediately. Read our daily important English words posted daily basis.
However, just buying a dictionary won't solve the problem. You have to browse through the dictionary and mark words and write them down. Find their synonyms and antonyms and increase your Stock of Words.

2. Journal: Try to maintain one English journal where you write down anything you read. You can write down daily current affairs or even newspapers. By this practice you will easily come to know many words, phrases and sentences.

3. Newspaper Reading: Keep English newspapers and read them on a daily basis. This will increase the stock of words and also make you understand different formations of sentences. Especially read the Editor's columns cause that part usually have the best English. So by reading a newspaper on a regular basis you will learn new things and also it will update your current affairs.

4. Television: Tune into English TV channels and listen to the conversations carefully. How they speak, react. You will notice they, sometimes, talks wrong English but however they easily and confidently cope-up which you also should do.

5. Social Conversations: Everybody have friends. So why do we need to talk in local languages when we can converse in English? Even while chatting with on Whatsapp or Facebook or Hike or WeChat you should converse in full English words not with "gr8 , cme 2 me" language. In this way you will have brushed up English skills.

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Rupal Maheshwari- Team Member MM Team

Must read our IBPS Bank Exam General English Preparation Free Study Material : New and Latest Updated daily.

General English Notes for Bank Exam

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