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Improve Maths/Quantitative Aptitude For Govt jobs. Bank Exams?

Dear mm expert readers. Here we are with Improve Maths/Quantitative Aptitude For Govt jobs. IBPS Bank Exams?. We are aware that most students find it a little difficult to manage Quant in the exams. Quant being the most time consuming and difficult for the non maths lovers. We bring for you few guidelines and tips to improve your quant and as to how to manage to clear the basic cut off in the exams. Find How can I increase my speed while preparing for the quant section for the IBPS Bank exam? for latest trick for maths.

Tips To Master The Quantitative Ability Section

Most of exams like IBPS PO/So/Clerk, club the mathematics sections of the exam with Data Interpretation & Analytical reasoning. In order to master this section of the examination, a few core skills need to be developed. These include a combination of accuracy and speed, the ability to perform simple/complex calculations under pressure and the ability to use reasoning while solving mathematics questions. Considering the nature and scope of these skills, practice should become the imperative for any student. The basic understanding and grasp of concepts is vital and should never be looked over. Along with these, one need to develop a certain set of advanced skills and learn a few short cuts so as to minimize the time you spend on each question.

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How to master in Maths/Quantitative Aptitude for govt jobs:

Daily 2 hrs of Quant (going up to 3 hrs for weak students) will go a long way in improving your speed. During this time brush up chapter wise concepts along with a lot of practice questions .

1) Note down neatly in a separate hand out or book any short-cuts or important questions that you come across and need to memorize so that you can go through them regularly.
2)You could also make voice recordings of tables from 1-30, squares, and cubes on your phone and keep listening to them to help you memorize.

Improve Maths/Quantitative Aptitude For Govt jobs. Exams: Topics covered in exams:

DI- At least 3, 15 marks( Chances of 1 being from missing DI and the others from either line,bar, pie or table) and 1 casellete(5 marks).
Simplification and Approximation 

Improve Maths/Quantitative Aptitude For Govt jobs. Exams: TIPS:

1) Remember this exam is not a test of your knowledge but rather a test of your managerial skills, i.e. how well you manage your time and use your presence of mind during the exams.

2 )Since time is short therefore do not get attached to any question at any moment in the 1 hour duration, look for questions that click at one go, and come back to the left questions if you are left with time at the end of the section.

3) At least 2 DI's are asked in the exam so try attempting at least 1 of them correctly so as to gain 5 marks directly.

4) Try to score at least 10-12 marks in each section to be on a safe side section wise, and score minimum 38-45 to clear the over all cut off.

5) Lastly give 4-5 mock exams to get a hang of how the exam might look like, to make strategies and gain experience so as to avoid errors during the final battle.

Improve Maths/Quantitative Aptitude For Govt jobs. Exams: Strategy That One Can Follow

Step I - GO for Simplification followed by Approximation first ( 6-8 can be done easily)
These questions are the easiest of all the Quant section. If a student get a good grip on such questions, then he or she can easily do it within 3-4 minutes. If you are taking longer than this, then friends, start practising because these few minutes can save you from a lot of trouble.

Step II - Go for Data Interpretation
This part is really very important from a student's point of view. For attempting DI, a student must be well versed with Time and Work, Average, Percentage, Ratio-Proportion and Calculating speed, Profit and loss. This is what you need to solve DI. And those who feel like they have not practised missing DI, we would like to say that it is no different from normal DI. So those who sees it differently have no reason to get afraid of. Out of 20 questions, 12-15 are the doable ones. This does not mean that the rest 5 are not doable. This simply means that they will take more time which we have no liberty to lose.

Step III - If time permits, go for Series or Probability or Miscellaneous
Series and Probability are one of the part of this section which can be done in less time and believe me friends, the time is the real deal in the exam. To surpass others in the exam, you should know what to leave and what to attempt. Out of 10 questions in Series and Probability, 6-7 can be done easily. Again, the time will be the factor in the exam and your attempts will depend on the difficulty as well.

The above strategy can be followed and if you feel like doing something different, then we would like to suggest that do practice it at home because doing something new in the exam may get you in trouble. This strategy depends from person to person. We would just like to say that Practical Assumption is always harsh than Theoretical Assumptions. So just hope for the best and give your 100%.

Last but not the least, do not waste any time on one single question. The purpose of these exams is not to see your knowledge but rather to test your various skills which include time management, state of mind and speed.

Practice more and more in Maths/Quantitative Aptitude quiz for your better performance and top result. All the best!

How to get  High Score Marks in Quantitative Aptitude Section of Bank exams

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