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Computer Quiz Questions with Answers for School/Bank/LIC Exam Students 158

Computer Quiz Questions with Answers for School/Bank/LIC Exam Students.

Dear expert readers. We know that Computer General Knowledge or computer awareness subject is also on one of the important and latest subject special for ibps po exam and as well as our study in all areas. Our computer science notes are very much more scoring and knowledgeable subjects for all Indian govt jobs and competitive exam. We are trying to providing most expected and top selected computer science and awareness quiz based mcqs multiple choice type questions and answers for your high score and better exams preparation.  You are advised that don;'t forget to read our daily current affairs and Last six 6th months current affairs for all latest govt jobs competitive exam.

Q.1. The Internet was developed in the:

(1) 1950s

(2) 1960s

(3) 1970s

(4) 1980s

(5) 1990s

Q.2. Which of the following is the type of computer that other computers access for data, programs, and information?

(1) Host computer

(2) Server computer

(3) Supercomputer

(4) Client computer

(5) Terminal

Q.3. The computing arrangement where one group of computers requests data/information from another across a network is called:

(1) Centralized computing

(2) Client-server computing

(3) Network computing

(4) Distributed computing

(5) Both 1 and 2

Q.4. When a real-time telephone call between people is made over the Internet using computers, it is called:

(1) a chat session

(2) an e-mail

(3) an instant message

(4) video conferencing

(5) Internet telephony 

Q.5. If you want to connect to your own computer through the Internet from another location, you can use:

(1) E-mail

(2) FTP

(3) Instant message

(4) Telnet

(5) SNMP

Q.6. When a Web site automatically grabs or retrieves information on a schedule from another site such as a news site, this is called:

(1) push

(2) pull

(3) retrieve

(4) send

(5) none of the above

Q.7. The process whereby media files such as a video start playing as they are downloading is called:

(1) pushing

(2) pulling

(3) streaming

(4) flashing

(5) retrieving

Q.8. Your business has contracted with another company to have them host and run an application for your company over the Internet. The company providing this service to your business is called an:

(1) Internet service provider

(2) Internet access provider

(3) application service provider

(4) application access provider

(5) System service provider

Q.9. Web sites that focus on providing information rather than processing transactions are referred to as:

(1) application providers

(2) content providers

(3) service providers

(4) information providers

(5) None of the above

Q.10. The main focus of ICANN with respect to the Internet is to be responsible for:

(1) IP address space allocation

(2) protocol parameter assignment

(3) Internet infrastructure building

(4) domain name system management

(5) All of the above

Q.11. Which type of software is used to modify motion picture clips?

(1) drawing

(2) painting

(3) video editing

(4) computer design

(5) web authoring

Q.12. Which license specifies a group of people that may use the software?

(1) concurrent-use licenses

(2) general software licenses

(3) multiple-user license

(4) site licenses

(5) single-user license

Q.13. Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu?

(1) fly-out

(2) cascading

(3) pop-up

(4) pull-down

(5) pull-up

Q.14. What is the spreadsheet location where a row and column intersect called?

(1) cell

(2) field

(3) record

(4) value

(5) function

Q.15. Which word processing view shows the hierarchy of headers in a document?

(1) slide view

(2) slide sorter view

(3) notes page view

(4) outline view

(5) slide show view

Q.16. Which type of bar shows the names or icons of various pull-down menus?

(1) title bar

(2) toolbar

(3) menu bar

(4) taskbar

(5) start bar

Q.17. Which type of software is distributed free but requires the users to pay some amount for further use?

(1) freeware

(2) shareware

(3) rentalware

(4) public-domain software

(5) abandonware

Q.18. Which type of file is created by word processing programs?

(1) database file

(2) storage file

(3) worksheet file

(4) document file

(5) graphical file

Q.19. Which type of software is used in the design of products, structures, civil engineering drawings, and maps?

(1) CAD programs

(2) desktop programs

(3) drawing programs

(4) painting programs

(5) video/audio programs

Q.20. What is the term for calculations used within spreadsheets?

(1) analyses

(2) formulas

(3) ranges

(4) recalculations

(5) values

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