Sunday, 17 January 2016

Words of the Day – 17th Jan, 2016

Words of the Day – 17th Jan, 2016

The list will be very useful to score high marks in English Section of upcoming Competitive Exams.

Learn these words regularly to improve your vocabulary.


Search for and collect (anything usable) from discarded waste.
Example:       “people sell junk scavenged from the garbage”
Synonyms:    rummage, search, hunt, look, forage
Antonyms:    ignore, neglect


Aggressive pressure or intimidation
Example:       “they face daily harassment by the police”
Synonyms:    persecution, bother, annoyance, aggravation, irritation, pressure
Antonyms:   cooperation, assistance


Intrusion on a person’s territory, rights, etc.
Example:       “minor encroachments on our individual liberties”
Synonyms:    intrusion into, trespass on, invasion of, infiltration of
Antonyms:   give, ignore, keep off


Make (something) impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance.
Example:       “the site was found to be contaminated by radioactivity”
Synonyms:    pollute, adulterate
Antonyms:    purify


Cause (someone) to feel less important or proud
Example:       “he was humbled by his many ordeals”
Synonyms:    humiliate, abase, demean, belittle, lower, degrade, debase
Antonyms:    be victorious over


An instance of rebutting evidence or an accusation
Synonyms:    refutation, denial, disproving, countering, invalidation, negation
Antonyms:    confirmation


(of a punishment or person in authority) more merciful or tolerant than expected.
Example:       “in the view of the Court the sentence was too lenient”
Synonyms:    merciful, clement, sparing, forgiving, tolerant, moderate
Antonyms:    merciless, severe, strict


A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food
Example:       “he has a healthy appetite”
Synonyms:    hunger, ravenousness, hungriness, need for food
Antonyms:    aversion


The continued possession, use, or control of something
Example:       “the retention of direct control by central government”
Synonyms:    confinement, detainment, detention, holding
Antonyms:    freedom, liberation

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