Saturday, 16 January 2016

Words of the Day – 16th Jan, 2016

The list will be very useful to score high marks in English Section of upcoming Competitive Exams.

Learn these words regularly to improve your vocabulary.


Continuing for a long time or longer than usual; lengthy
Example:       “the region suffered a prolonged drought”
Synonyms:    lengthen, make longer, extend
Antonyms:    shorten


Catch (an animal) in a trap
Synonyms:    confine, catch, cut off, corner
Antonyms:    blessing, frankness, honesty


A person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions
Synonyms:    immigrant, emigrant, incomer
Antonyms:    indigenous


Add notes to (a text or diagram) giving explanation or comment.
Example:       “an annotated bibliography”
Synonyms:   comment on, explain, interpret
Antonyms:   be vague, confuse, mystify, obscure


Very large
Example:       “a whopping £74 million loss”
Synonyms:    huge, massive, very big, very large, great, giant, mammoth
Antonyms:   small, tiny


Behaving irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement
Example:       “she was demented with worry”
Synonyms:    mad, insane, deranged
Antonyms:    sane


(Of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential
Example:       “a rambling six-hour speech”
Synonyms:    long-winded, garrulous, verbose, wordy, prolix
Antonyms:    concise, pithy


Outward behaviour or bearing
Example:       “his happy demeanour”
Synonyms:    manner, air, attitude, appearance, look, aspect
Antonyms:    idleness, peer, sloth


Reduce (a building or place) to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration.
Example:       “a ruined castle”
Synonyms:    destroy, devastate
Antonyms:    rebuild, repair, intact, well maintained


Go through (a place) stealing things and causing damage
Example:       “burglars ransacked her home”
Synonyms:    plunder, pillage
Antonyms:    give, offer, protect, receive

Today's vocabulary words

1. Nerd—
A single-minded expert in a particular technical field
किसी खास क्षेत्र का विशेषज्ञ
2. Nifty—
Particularly good , skilful, effective, stylish
कौशलपूर्ण, उपयोगी
3. Nimble—
Quick and light in movement or action; agile
4. Nocturnal—
Active at night
रात में सक्रिय
5. bsolete—
One which is not is use, outdated
जिसका अब इस्तेमाल नहीं होता हो, पुरातन
6. Omnipotent—
One who is all powerful
जो सबसे ताकतवर हो, सर्वशक्तिमान
7. Omnipresent—
One who is a present everywhere
जो हर जगह विराजमान हो, सर्वव्यापी
8. Omniscient—
One who knows everything
जो सभी चीजें जनता हो, सर्वज्ञानी
9. Omnivorous—
An animal or a human being that eats any kind of food
जो सभी प्रकार की चीजें खाता हो, सर्वभक्षी
10. Opaque—
That through which light cannot pass
जिसके आर-पर प्रकाश नहीं जा सके, अपारदर्शी

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