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United India Insurance Company Previous Year Asked Questions and Answers

Here is the important United India Insurance Company Previous Year Asked Questions and Answers. United India Insurance Company Administrative Officers (Mains) Exam General Awareness Solved Paper (Exam Held on 3-1-2015)

United India Insurance Company Limited UIIC Administrative Officer AO- Generalist ... Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF With Answers/Solutions.

1. Subarna Rekha Multipurpose Project (SMP) was started with a purpose to reduce losses due to flood in 1962 and for the distribution of land among the affected people. The states included in the project are– 
(A) Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal 
(B) Odisha, Uttarakhand and West Bengal 
(C) Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal 
(D) Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal 
(E) Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal 
(Ans : D)

2. The Caparo group has won the International Business of the Year Award 2014 at the Asian Business Award Midlands in Birmingham. The group is founded by leading NRI industrialist– 
(A) S. P. Singh Oberoi 
(B) Srichand Hinduja 
(C) Gopichand Hinduja 
(D) Lord Swraj Paul 
(E) Lakshmi Mittal 
(Ans : D)

3. Which of the following is a part of the core sector? 
(A) Textiles 
(B) Chemicals 
(C) Real Estate 
(D) Machine manufacturing 
(E) Food Processing 
(Ans : D)

4. National Institute of Bank Management is the Institution meant for– 
(A) All those given as options 
(B) providing management personnel to the Banks 
(C) training of bank employees in Banking 
(D) providing consultancies on best practices in bank management 
(E) recruitment of Bank employees at all levels 
(Ans : D)

5. Recently India has decided to introduce plastic currency notes. A number of other countries are 'already' using plastic notes, but the pioneer in this field is– 
(A) Sweden 
(B) England 
(C) France 
(D) United States of America 
(E) Australia 
(Ans : E)

6. Which airlines was recently joined by the Tata group? 
(A) Pan Am 
(B) Lufthansa 
(C) Emirates Airline 
(D) Air Asia 
(E) Air France 
(Ans : D)

7. As per the rankings released by the UNCTAD in its World Investment Report 2014 in respect of most favoured destinations for investment by transnational corporations, India stands at the– 
(A) Fifth position 
(B) Third position 
(C) Seventh position 
(D) Fourth position 
(E) Sixth position 
(Ans : D)

8. Telangana has recently became the 29th state of India. Which of the following statements regarding the state is 'not' true? 
(A) It shares boundaries with Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra 
(B) It is the 12th largest state of the country in terms of population 
(C) It is the first state to be carved out on a linguistic basis 
(D) It is the 12th largest state of the country in terms of area 
(E) It has 119 seats in the assembly and 40 seats in the council 
(Ans : C)

9. Which of the following device is developed by DRDO and is a light weight, multi role, single engine tactical fighter aircraft? 
(A) Prithvi 
(B) Prahar 
(C) Akash 
(D) Brahmos 
(E) Tejas 
(Ans : E)

10. Which of the following is a sovereign instrument with a fixed coupon (payable on a specified date or half yearly), issued by Reserve Bank for market borrowing programme of the Government of India ? 
(A) Fixed Deposits 
(B) Dated Government Securities 
(C) Debentures 
(D) Bonds 
(E) Equity shares of PSBs 
(Ans : B)

11. As per a notification recently published in the gazette by the Union Water Resources Ministry, the new chairman of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal is– 
(A) Justice B. Rajendran 
(B) Justice B. S. Chauhan 
(C) Justice B. R. Sarangi 
(D) Justice B. N. Kripal 
(E) Justice B. N. Srikrishna 
(Ans : B)

12. The Minister for 'Health and Family Welfare' in the Union Cabinet is– 
(A) Shrimati Maneka Gandhi 
(B) Ms. Uma Bharati 
(C) Shrimati Sushma Swaraj 
(D) Jagat Prakash Nadda 
(E) Dr. Najma Heptulla 
(Ans : D)

13. A bond issued at a price less than its face value and payable on its due date at its face value bearing no ROI (Rate of Interest) is called–
(A) Preference Bond 
(B) Zero Coupon Bond 
(C) Convertible Bond 
(D) Perpetual Band 
(E) Sovereign Bond 
(Ans : B)

14. Recently, with which one of the following countries India has signed a joint statement named Druzhba-Dosti ? 
(A) Nepal 
(B) China 
(C) Russia 
(D) Bhutan 
(E) Myanmar 
(Ans : C)

15. Axis Bank was formerly known as– 
(A) YES Bank 
(B) UTI Bank 
(C) City Union Bank 
(D) HDFC Bank 
(E) Centurion Bank 
(Ans : B)

16. Recently, India has signed a first APA agreement with Japanese company. What does APA Stands for? 
(A) Advance Pricing Agreement 
(B) Advance Perform Agreement 
(C) Advance Purchase Agreement 
(D) Advance Procure Agreement 
(E) None of these 
(Ans : A)

17. The company ‘Associated Journals Limited' (AJL) is the publisher of now-defunct daily newspaper– 
(A) Young India 
(B) The Independent 
(C) Amrit Bazaar Patrika 
(D) Bombay Chronicle 
(E) National herald 
(Ans : E)

18. One rupee note bears the signature of– 
(A) President of India 
(B) Vice President of India 
(C) Finance Secretary 
(D) Finance Minister 
(E) Commerce Minister 
(Ans : C)

19. As per census 2011, the total urban population of India is 377.1 million. The state having the highest urban population of 50.8 million (13.5% of country's urban population) is– 
(A) Uttarakhand 
(B) Tamil Nadu 
(C) Uttar Pradesh 
(D) Maharashtra 
(E) Gujarat 
(Ans : D)

20. A cheque bearing the date earlier than the date of submission to the bank is known as– 
(A) Bearer Cheque 
(B) State Cheque 
(C) Crossed Cheque 
(D) Post Dated Cheque 
(E) Anti Dated Cheque 
(Ans : E)

21. The next Commonwealth Summit in 2015 shall be held in– 
(A) Malta 
(B) India 
(C) Sri Lanka 
(D) Maldives 
(E) Mauritius 
(Ans : A)

22. Liquidity is injected by the RBI in the economy through which of the following mechanisms ? 
(A) Change in Bank Rate 
(C) Increase in SLR 
(D) Through Liquidity Adjustment Facility 
(E) Increase in CRR 
(Ans : B)

23. The 'Glimpses of India' Festival showcasing Indian Performing arts, Modern Indian art, Buddhist artifacts and heritage, food and films etc., were organised in 12 cities of– 
(A) China 
(B) Europe 
(C) Australia 
(D) Russia 
(E) Japan 
(Ans : A)

24. Which of the following institutions has recently been allowed mandate for grant of banking business license by the RBI ? 
(B) LIC Housing 
(C) L & T Finance 
(D) Bandhan Finance 
(E) Both (A) and (D) 
(Ans : E)

25. A Credit Guarantee Test Fund has been setup for guaranteeing Collateral Free Facilities by lending institutions to small scale industries. This fund is being managed by which of the following institutions? 
(C) SBI 
(E) RBI 
(Ans : D)

26. Japan has recently amended its pacifist constitution giving more powers to military. As a reason for amending the constitution, Japan has cited its dispute over Diaoyu Islands with– 
(A) China 
(B) Vietnam 
(C) Singapore 
(D) Philippines 
(E) New Zealand 
(Ans : A)

27. Legendary Stock Investor Warren Buffett calls the futures and options segment of the investment market is a weapons of– 
(A) Mass Financial Inclusion 
(B) Mass Financial Destruction 
(C) None of these 
(D) Mass Financial Investment 
(E) Mass Financial Involvement 
(Ans : B)

28. Latest Institution in providing Institutional Financial Assistance to Women Entrepreneurs is– 
(A) Rural Women Self Help Group 
(B) National Credit Fund for Women 
(C) Bharatiya Mahila Bank 
(D) All those given as options 
(E) Mahila Sarnridhi Kosh 
(Ans : C)

29. The national capital of the Sweden is– 
(A) Belfast 
(B) Rome 
(C) Berne 
(D) Stockholm 
(E) Kingstown 
(Ans : D)

30. Major internet companies are now encrypting all e-mails. For this they usually rely on a form of encryption known as the TLS. The abbreviation TLS stands for– 
(A) Transit Layer Security 
(B) Through Layer Security 
(C) Transparent Layer Security 
(D) Transport Layer Security 
(E) Temporary Layer Security 
(Ans : D)

31. Which of the following is one of the main functions of RBI? 
(A) Regulations of the Stock Markets 
(B) Regulation of Life Insurance 
(C) Regulation of General Insurance 
(D) Regulation of Mutual Funds in India 
(E) Banker's Bank 
(Ans : E)

32. Ryder Cup is awarded to the players of– 
(A) Golf 
(B) Baseball 
(C) Basketball 
(D) Cards 
(E) Cricket 
(Ans : A)

33. Which indigenous plane was developed by DRDO ? 
(A) Vikrant 
(B) Vayuyan 
(C) Tejas 
(D) Astra 
(E) None of these 
(Ans : C)

34. Which of the following is a 2,000-year - old - UNESCO - recognised classical dance-drama form from the Kerala which is feared to face extinction soon ? 
(A) Koodiyattam 
(B) Kuchipudi 
(C) Kolattam 
(D) Kathak 
(E) Kathakali 
(Ans : A)

35. The 'International Day of Older Persons' is observed every year on– 
(A) 31st October 
(B) 21st October 
(C) 11th October 
(D) 1st October 
(E) 19th September 
(Ans : D)

36. Which of the following authrities is responsible for maintaining accounts, cash deposits and bank management at the government through issue of bonds and Treasury bills? 
(B) IBA 
(D) SBI 
(E) RBI 
(Ans : E)

37. The Oscar-winning music composer A. R. Rahman has a street named after him in– 
(A) Spain 
(B) Canada 
(C) United States of America 
(D) France 
(E) Germany 
(Ans : B)

38. Who is the winner of Australian Grand Prix 2014? 
(A) Kevin Magnussen 
(B) Sergio Perez 
(C) Fernando Alonso 
(D) Nico Rosberg 
(E) Felipe Massa 
(Ans : D)

39. President Shri Pranab Mukherjee while addressing the joint session of parliament on June 14, 2014, spoke about five 'T's, three Ds and three Ss. In this context the Ss represent– 
(A) Society, Secularism and Soundness 
(B) Size, Safety and Security 
(C) Simplicity, Sincerity and Seriousness 
(D) Skill, Speed and Scale 
(E) Shelter, San city and Straightforwardness 
(Ans : D)

40. Which of the following state has Camel has its official animal? 
(A) Maharashtra 
(B) Madhya Pradesh 
(C) Odisha 
(D) Rajasthan 
(E) Haryana 
(Ans : D)

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