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Tips to score well in SSC CHSL Exam

Tips to score well in SSC CHSL Exam

 As we all know that at SSC Calendar 2016 and the right time has come to start the studies now. Normally, we have seen that aspirants are in different state of minds about how to make strategies to prepare for each section in the SSC CGL Exam, about the exam pattern and which are the important topics to be prepared first. If you plan well for the exam, we assure that you can crack this exam in your first attempt. But, you have to start your preparation from today.

Important Tips to score well in SSC CHSL Exam

  • Solve previous year papers as much as possible as questions are repeated over the years with same values.
  • Plan beforehand the way you will attempt the paper i.e. make a strategy of attempting the paper and stick to it in the exam hall.
  • In the Examination hall make strategy according to your preparation. Take that section which is your strength & less time taking.
  • To score good in English Language section of SSC CHSL Exam one can mug up all the one word substitutions, Idioms and phrases and vocabulary from the previous year books. Never skip the comprehension part, the passages are easy and can be scored off quickly.
  • Try to Study at least 10 new English words daily. Note down the Meaning and example of each word you find unfamiliar or difficult to remember.
  • To score good in reasoning section of SSC CHSL Exam, always Remember that the given question will be solved by the data given only, don’t make unnecessary assumptions or judgment while solving the problem. Use smart and appropriate tricks and method for solving any problem.
  • Reasoning problems takes more time than other sections, hence time constraint must be kept in mind while attempting this section
  • To score good in Quant section of SSC CHSL Exam, practice as much as you can. By rigorous practice one can do quant more quickly and with complete accuracy.
  • To score good in general awareness section of SSC CHSL Exam, one should thoroughly go through the last year’s questions so that you can score well in the exam.
  • Another great option to prepare GK well is to go through magazines that focus General Knowledge. Some of the useful magazines are Pratiyogita Darpan and Manorma. Objective Lucent can also be referred to score well.
  • Pay attention towards time during solving questions. By rigorous practice one can do quant more quickly and with complete accuracy.
  • Read newspapers daily. This habit will help you in two subjects, viz. General Awareness and English Comprehension.
  • Once syllabus is covered go for revision as many times as possible with constant evaluation of your standard by solving previous question papers after each revision.
  • If a question is not known or time taking or doubtful better go for the next and return to it after you answer all the known ones.
  • If you are not sure of some answer or it is out of your knowledge to answer any question, better don’t answer to avoid negative marks.
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