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Syllabus and Preparation Plan For SSC CGL

Syllabus and Preparation Plan For SSC CGL

As we all know that at SSC Calendar 2016 and the right time has come to start the studies now. Normally, we have seen that aspirants are in different state of minds about how to make strategies to prepare for each section in the SSC CGL Exam, about the exam pattern and which are the important topics to be prepared first. If you plan well for the exam, we assure that you can crack this exam in your first attempt. But, you have to start your preparation from today.

Syllabus and Preparation Plan for SSC CGL each section

SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam contains 4 sections which include Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General English and General Awareness. It is very important to make a preparation strategy for the exam.

It is common knowledge that every body has his strengths and weaknesses. For competitive exams it is very important to understand your plus and minus points. While working on strengths gives us confidence, improving our weak points may become a big pain. It is not useful to worry about the cut-offs before the exams. It is fine to have the previous years' data but predicting the current years' cut-off will only lead to the wastage of time. Let us now come to the exact strategy.
Prelim Marks
Prelim Weightage
Mains Marks
Mains Weightage
Total Weightage
General Awareness


Now, Tips for cracking each section

1. Reasoning

Reasoning is a test of observing our mental and problem solving ability. Reasoning is not like numerical skill where you learn some formula and solve question by applying that formula. You have to be very careful while answering these questions.
The most important questions from this section are on the topics such as
  • Seating Arrangements,
  • Syllogism,
  • Coding-Decoding,
  • Statement and Conclusions,
  • Directions,
  • Blood Relations,
  • Analogy,
  • Classification,
  • Series problems,
  • Ranking,
  • Data sufficiency,
  •  Assumptions and Directions.
  • Non-Verbal is the toughest of all.
Also, deals with maximum number of problems especially with problem figures and mirror images.

2. Quantitative Aptitude

This section is there in both Tier I and II Papers.
You should get good grip on all the basic concepts of maths to get good marks in this section. You have to improve your calculation speed. Practice more, it will help you getting good accuracy and speed.
  • Focus on:
  • Numerical Ability,
  • Probability,
  • Profit-Loss,
  • Interest,
  • Partnerships,
  •  Averages,
  • Time and Distances,
  • Speed and Distances,
  • Algebra and Trigonometry Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra & Elementary surds, Graphs of Linear Equations, Triangle and its various kinds of centres, Congruence and similarity of triangles, Circle and its chords, tangents, angles subtended by chords of a circle, common tangents to two or more circles, Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons , Circle, Right Prism, Right Circular Cone, Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere, Hemispheres, Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square base, Trigonometric ratio, Degree and Radian Measures, Standard Identities, Complementary angles, Heights and Distances, Histogram, Frequency polygon, Bar diagram & Pie chart (focus more on these two areas, as these are new for banking aspirants).
The total weight-age of this section is 250 marks (50 marks in Tier I and 200 marks in Tier II). So try to score atleast 170 marks in this section (150 marks for non maths students).

3. General English

Believe it or not, this is the scoring section for SSC CGL. English section is there for both the Tier I and Tier II SSC Exams. So, you have to keep this in your mind during your preparation. The weight age is also high for this section (50 marks in Tier I + 200 marks in Tier II).
So you have to score at least 160 to 225 marks in this section. Make your preparation plan according to it. The questions will be based on 
  • Passages
  • Common Errors
  • Cloze test
  • Antonyms and Synonyms. 
  • You have to improve your vocabulary.

4. General Awareness

General Awareness is the most important section of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam. This section acquires more importance because this is the only section which can be attempted quickly and at the same time, very high marks can be scored in this section. Questions in this component will be aimed at testing the candidates general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society.
  • Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of every day observations and experience in their scientific aspect as may be expected of any educated person.
  •  The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Policy & Scientific Research.

How many hours should I spend per a day ? 
It completely depends on you. If you are sincere and dedicated to your preparation, then 5 hours / day is enough. If not, you should spend the whole day. Let's do 1 thing. Instead of making time schedule, you just make the list of topics you should prepare per day. Based on it you can spend your day. No matter what you do during the whole day, you should complete those topics at the end of the day. 
These are the few points that you need to keep in mind which will help you to crack exam easily and score more.
1.    Revision is the Most Important
Many students don't find much time to read or revise the topics they read for each subject. This is where you guys make mistake, yes you have to revise the thing you have done. Make your habit to revise the topics you read, write down the important things, maths formula (which makes you time consuming). Revision will help you to remember topics easily, and will solve the problem of forgetting and not-remembering. We have got many mails regarding this problem where students don't remember the things they have just read. Follow this, you will definitely feel relaxed.
2.    Test Yourself Regularly - Mock Test(s)
This thing is also important as revision, if you don't test yourself regularly then how come you know that what you know, how much you know about the syllabus. So, keep preparing for mock test, if you don't find any mock test then, we will definitely provide you mock test for SSC CGL. 

4.    Guesstimate Not Work Always
SSC CGL and all other Competitive exams like IBPS becomes more competitive, which we mentioned above. So, in such case, guess work won't work anymore as most of the candidates are now so much aggressive for government jobs and they really work hard, if you want government jobs then you also have to study hard and give your best. Also, Negative marking will eliminate most of the guesstimate answers.
5.    Time Management for SSC CGL Exam
Make a timetable of how much time you should give to which section. Learn How to do Time Management for SSC exams.
15 min. for general knowledge
20 min. for English
35 min. for Reasoning
and remaining for quantitative aptitude remember 8-20 minutes will be taken by the boxes you fill depending on your speed.
Make a time map of which section you are going to solve 1st then 2nd 3rd 4th according to their time table. Emphasize more on a section you are more comfortable with and solve it first.
Note: As we Indian have to deal with lots of festivals then facebook and twitter and then movies eat lots of time of much focused candidates who don't wish to waste their time in such stuff (:-P). So, Don't get out of focus and keep studying, we are not saying to not to enjoy festivals but make time table for the study and enjoyment side by side , as both things are important.

Note : If you have any doubts related to the preparation of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam, you can comment your queries below and stay with us for the upcoming posts on SSC Exam.
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