Monday, 4 January 2016

Select your Latest Govt Jobs 2016

Select your Latest Govt Jobs 2016 : With India latest govt. jobs 2016 recruitment process with latest ibps bank jobs going on across all companies, many people are lucky enough to get more than 1 offers. Here are a few guidelines to help these guys before they join any company.

  1. Decide in which field you want to go: Sometimes people take up development job whereas they wish to go in analytics. There are always chances that if you go in a field you were not comfortable earlier, you face the problems regarding lack of interest etc.
  2. Don’t Go with salary: Mostly people say that we will go in a job which provides us higher salaries. This is a wrong approach. You must go to the job which goes at par with your requirements like interest, locality, profile etc. Salary is not something you should run for. Be eager to gain knowledge. This approach will help you in future.
  3. Don’t change your programming language if you are a programmer: Usually people get inclined to whatever profile they get, but strictly for programmers avoid changing your programming language. If you are working in say c#, join a job which give you that option only.
  4. Join a mid-sized company(My personal suggestion): Never go by names until they are very renounced. My suggestion to all people is join a mid-sized company. The reasons are:-
    1:  You have an opportunity to learn new things and work in different dimensions. Unlike a Big company where everybody have their own profile and are not allowed to work for other.
    2:Your experience is counted double as people know that you will surely have some other hidden value other than the work done by you.
    3: You can anyway get the required assistance and help in a mid-sized company unlike startups.
    4: Joining a mid-sized company earlier gives you a better jump in salaries when you decide to switch over. 
    Some People would say that start-ups also offer the same thing. But startups are the place where you start to build a product. You may or may not get any assistance. I myself was working in a  startup and just left because i wasn’t able to get any assistance. I accept that startups are a learning factory but this doesn’t suits all . People who have a few years of experience are regarded fit to work in startups as they have made a network of them which is big and have the capability to help whenever required.
I hope all point that I told help you out in selecting your job. Best of luck for your future.


By : Rajesh Kumar Jain - Indore (M.P.)

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