Friday, 1 January 2016

Salary Structure of Clerk Job In PSU Banks

Hi experts. All the best for your Exam. Here we are presenting expected Salary Structure of Clerk Job In PSU Banks.With IBPS Clerk Exam 2015 set to reach the next stage of mains exam the candidates selected have been dreaming of what will be their in hand salary in bank clerk jobs once they join services. They are all trying very hard to prepare very well for the ibps clerk main examinations and the interviews thereafter. 

So here is the salary structure in all PSU banks except SBI employee Salary and RBI for Newly joined clerical in Banks.

  1. Basic: Rs13075/-
    1. Dearness Allowance : 39.8% i.e Rs 5211/- (Current DA, DA changes every 3 months)
  2. Hra max 9% 1176
  3. Special pay 1417 (7.75 of basic + equivalent Da)
Max salary 19462/-

Benefits to clerical staff varies from bank to bank. Some bank give extra perks for Head cashier, pay conveyance for going to clearing houses to clerks etc.

Of these around 1850/- will be deducted on account of union chgs, NPS etc.
Banks contribute equal your amount in NPA. Suppose if your deduction is 1850/- then bank will also contribute the same.

Then on every year of completed service you will be eligible of an increment

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