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Reasoning for IBPS Bank Exam : Directions Sense Test

Introduction of reasoning

Reasoning is one of the most important section for all IBPS Bank Exam. here we are posting Directions sense test study notes for your better preparation. Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way. This is an ad hoc skill, an executive ability and a per formal brain function that makes someone great at problem solving.

Read IBPS Bank Exam Reasoning Quiz Free online Mock Test.

About the sectional mark

Reasoning is the one of the important section in competitive exams (bank). This section contains 35 marks in IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exam preliminary exams and also contains 50 marks in probationary officer (PO) mains, 50 marks in specialist officer (SO) exam & 40 marks in clerical main exams

Virtual challenge

By presenting reasoning is the virtual challenge to many candidates and measuring the time it takes for them to solve the problem, a scale can be made to compare and test an individual’s reasoning ability on.
So here I am going to give shortcuts and tricks in reasoning ability to next few days (months). And now going to discuss about Directions Sense Test.

Directions Sense Test

The course or path on which some thing is moving (or) pointing (or) guidance are called directions.
Totally 8 directions are earth
i) 4 cardinal directions
i) 4 intermediate directions
Four cardinal directions are North, East, West and South.

Four Intermediate Directions are North East (NE), South West (SW), South East (SE), and North West (NW)

Turn right = 900 clockwise
Turn Left = 900 Anti clockwise
For example
NE + 90° = SE
NE – 90° = NW
SW + 90° = NW
SW – 90° = SE

ii) Triangle 
Pythagores formula

iii) Sun rise sunset:

iv) Clock Direction

M.H (Minute hand) –>1 hour –> 360°
60 min–> 360°
1 min –> 6°
H.H (hour hand) –> 12 hr –>360°
1 hr –> 30°
60 min –> 30°
1m =(½)°

Some Important Reasoning Practice Questions for IBPS Bank Exam

Question 1) A man runs towards south, then he turns 900 clockwise and then he turns 1350 clockwise, then he turns left and the he turns 450 anticlockwise and finally he turns left. Now, in which direction is he facing finally?
Answer: South

Question 2) Deepak travels 7 km east wards, then he turns right and travels 3 km and further turns right again and travels 11 km. how far he is from starting point?

Answer = 5 km

Question 3)  The time on the watch is quarter to three. If the minute hand point to north east. In which direction does the four hand point?

Hour hand point to be in south West
Answer:  South West
This Topic weight age is in preliminary 2 questions and mains 3 questions

All the best. Team MM

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