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Reasoning For IBPS Bank Exam: Coding and Decoding Tricks

Dear experts, Reasoning For IBPS Bank Exam: Coding and Decoding Tricks. Today we are going to see some shortcuts and tricks in Coding and Decoding.
Coding and Decoding is simplest and scoring chapter of Reasoning. Whenever you face these type of easy questions never skip them.

Weight-age of this Topic in bank Exams:

5 Questions(Preliminary, PO Exams)
  7 Questions(Preliminary, Clerk Exams)
5 – 7 Questions(Mains in PO,SO  & Clerk)
Golden Rule:
First of all we should know the positioning(in numerical value) of all alphabets.The given below rule explain itself.

The above five letters positions are (E – 5, J – 10, O – 15, T – 20, Y – 25) in alphabets.
Above the golden rule shows the numerical values of different alphabets as well as particular alphabets’s.
e.g   Numerical value of F is 6 , K is 11, P is 16 and U is 21 and so on.
There are 3 types of Coding and Decoding
  1. Letter Coding
  2. Number Coding
  3. Observation Coding
Type  –  I
Question 1:
If  in a certain language “PEN” is written as “OQDFMO”, then how will “LACK” be written in that language?
Type – II  (5 questions asked in IBPS Clerk preliminary exam 2015)
Question 2:
Read the following table and conditions then give the answers carefully:

  1. If the second and the fifth digits are prime , then both are to be coded as#.
  2. If the first digit is odd and the last digit is even, then the both are to be coded as the code for even.
  3. If the last digit is 0, it is to be coded as &.
 1) 4 5 8 9 7 2

See the above question 1, second and the fifth digits are prime, then the both coded have to apply #. And the remaining digit codes can take directly from the table and then apply in question.
Ans:  *#%@#^
Type –  III (5 questions asked PO Prelims and PO & Clerk mains also in 2015)
Very simple and easy scoring area can attend 5 questions with in 2 minutes.
Question 3:
In a certain code language, ‘col tip mot’ means ‘singing is appreciable’ ; ‘mot baj min’ means ‘dancing is good’ and ‘tip nopbaj’ means ‘singing and dancing’ , which of the following means ‘good’ in that code language?

When compare 1st and 2nd the code language “mot” is common at the same time word “is” is “is” code “mot”.when compare 2nd and 3rd the code language “baj” is common at the same time word “dancing”is common. So “dancing” code is “baj”.
Now, we know that
                              “good” in that code language is “min”

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