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Questions asked in LIC ADO Exam 2015 Full Part

Questions asked in Previous LIC ADO Exam 2015 : Dear expert mm readers - We are presenting you most expected and previous asked questions from LIC AAO Exam. These Previous Asked LIC AAO Exam Questions are very important for each and every aspirant who are preparing for upcoming LIC AAO Exam. In this article we are posting much questions sets for better LIC AAO Exam 2016 Preparation. Prepare with these questions and boos-up your knowledge for high score. All the best for your Exam. __ Karni with Team MM. 

As you know, Time Duration for LIC ADO Previous Exam was 2 Hours (120 Minutes) with questions from following sections: Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability, GK  and Current Affairs, English Language and Insurance and Financial Marketing. We already presented both of the above subjects quiz and free study notes. 

As the exam was online in nature, there are no chances of releasing Answer Key by LIC for this exam. Friends you are requested to share your attempts and difficulty level so that we can have an idea about the cut off marks for LIC ADO 2015 as well as LIC AAO Exam 2016.

Here are the memory based previous questions asked in today's 25 July 2015 (Morning Shift) exam shared by our regular readers.

GK and Current Affairs Questions asked in LIC AAO Exam 2015

Q.1. Capital of Assam? - Dispur
Q.2. Name the Union Railway Minister? - Suresh Prabhu
Q.3. Headquarters of Amnesty International? - London, United Kingdom
Q.4. The news agency Reuters belongs to which country? - UK
Q.5. National Youth Day is celebrated on? - January 2015
Q.6. Whi is the present ICC Chairman? - N Srinivasan
Q.7. Name the military exercise between Srilanka - China held recently? - Silk Route
Q.8. Dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance form of which state? - Gujarat
Q.9. 'Maggie Noodles' which was recently banned by Union government is manufactured by which company?-Nestle
Q.10.  Name the music composer of 'Titanic' who died recently? - James Horner
Q.11. Which of the following not included in Grand Slam? - Davis Cup
Q.12. Which novel won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction? - All the Light We Cannot See
Q.13. Name the holy book Parsi's? - Avesta
Q.14. AIIB(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ) headquarters? - Beijing, China
Q.15. Youngest cricketer who made test century is? - Mohammad AshrafulQ.16. Who is the General Secretary of SAARC? - Arjun bahadur ThappaQ.17. Menakshi Amman temple is in which state? - TamilNaduQ.18. IMF head? - Christine LegardeQ.19. Highest war time gallantry award of India? - Param Vir Chakra

Hi readers - Attempt Our Most expected Daily Current Affairs Quiz Questions to improve your knowledge and get high marks in LIC AAO Exam 2016. Just have a try--> Current affairs Quizzes

Questions asked in Insurance and Financial Marketing

Q.1. IGMS Full form? - Integrated Grievance Management System
Q.2. Proof of contract in insurance is? -
Q.3. Prospectus in term of insurance is?
Q.4. Premium per year  under newly launched Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana? - Rs.330/-Q.5. Which is the 1st Insurance Company, India? - Bombay Mutual Life Insurance Society (1870)

LIC ADO Evening Shift Questions BELOW:

GK and Current Affairs Questions
Q.1. Capital of Meghalaya? - Shillong
Q.2. Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India? - Nasim Zaidi
Q.3. Full form of NREGA? - National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Q.4. Currency of Bhutan? - Ngultrum
Q.5. Current Director-General of WTO? - Roberto Azevêdo
Q.6. Who is the present Chief Economic Advisor of India? - Arvind Subramanian
Q.7. Who recently assumed as the first president of BRICS Bank? -  K V Kamath
Q.8. International Refugee Day is observed on? - June 20
Q.9. Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas is celebrated on? - January 9
Q.10. Author of the Da Vinci Code? - Dan Brown
Q.11. Who was recently appointed the brand ambassador of 'Visit Britain'? - Saif Ali Khan
Q.12. Whatsapp Messenger was acquired in 2014 by? - Facebook

Asked Questions in LIC ADO Exam 2015

Q.1). Which among the following state has launched “Mukhymantri Teerth Darshan Yojana”?
Answer- Madhya Pradesh
Q.2). Who is the present Railway Minister of India?
Answer- Mr. Suresh Prabhu
Q.3). Who is the Music Composer of Titanic, that had passed away recently?
Answer- James Horner
Q.4).Which of the following city has hosed Kumbh Mela in 2015?
Answer- Nasik
Q.5). According to Negotiable Instrument Act, what is the Jail term on cheque bounce?
Answer- 2 years
Q.6). Who is the president of IMF?
Answer- Cristina Legard
Q.7). Dispur is the Capital of which Indian State?
Answer- Assam
Q.8). Name the company which has recently took bank its products from Indian Market?
Answer- Nestle
Q.9). What is the Headquarters of AIIB?
Answer- Beijing, China
Q.10.) What is the age limit of minors to operate account?
Answer- 10 years
Q.11). What is the Headquarters of Amnesty International?
Answer- London
Q.12). Who is the Youngest player to take test century?
Answer- Mohammad Ashraful
Q.13). Which is the Holy Book of Parsian?
Answer- Avesta
Q.14). JSC Biocom, a_______ based Pharma company has acquired 100% stake.
Answer- Russian
Q.15). National Youth Day was observed on _______.
Answer- 12th January
Q.16). What is the name of the Joint Military exercise between China and Sri Lanka?
Answer- Silk Route- 2015
Q.17). “Reuters” is the famous news agency of _______.
Answer- UK
Q.18). Dandiya Ras is the famous dance related to which Indian state?
Answer- Gujarat
Q.19). Vikku Vinayakram is related to _______.
Answer- Ghatam
Q.20). Which is the highest award that was given during war time?
Answer- Param Veer Chakr
Q.21). What is the Premium amount for Jeevan Jyoty Yojana?
Answer- Rs. 330/-
Q.22). Who is the Current Head of SAARC?
Answer- Arjun Bahadur Thapa
Q.23). Famous Meenachi Amman Temple was located at_______.
Answer- Tamil Nadu
Q.24). Who is the Chairperson of NITI AYOG?
Answer- Mr. Narendra Modi
Q.25). Who is the present ICC Chairperson?
Answer- Shrinivasan
Q.26). Who has been recently appointed as the Brand Ambassador of ‘Visit Britain’?
Answer: Saif Ali Khan
Q.27). Which of the following is the India’s biggest employer?
Answer: Indian Railways (1.4 million employees)
Q.28). Pandit Vishwa Mohan is the famous ______ player.
Answer: Veena (Slide Guitar)
Q.29). Which of the following Movie has won the Oscar Award 2015?
Answer: Picture Birdman
Q.30). Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas is observed on______
Answer: 9th January
Q.31). NREGA stands for_____
Answer: National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Q.32). Which of the following has won the UNPSA Award 2015?
Answer: Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health
Q.33). Madras atomic station was located at____.
Answer: Tamil Nadu
Q.34). International Refugee Day is observed on _______.
Answer: June 20
Q.35). What is the headquarter of IMF?
Answer: Washington
Q.36) What is the currency of Bhutan?
Answer: Ngultrum
Q.37). Who is President of BRICS?
Answer: K V Kamath
Q.38). Who is the winner of World Junior Chess Championship 2015?
Answer: Lu Shanglai
Q.39). Pu Lal Thanhawla is the Chief Minister of ________.
Answer: Mizoram
Q.40). Whatapp has been acquired by_______
Answer: Facebook
Q.41). Who is the President of IOC?
Answer: Thomas Bach
Q.42). In which year, the last census of India has been calculated?
Answer: 2011
Q.43). Who is the author of “The Da Vinci Code”?
Answer: Dan Brown.

LIC ADO Answer keys 2015 - LIC ADO GK Questions 2015 for 25 & 26 July Exam

LIC ADO Answer keys 2015 - LIC Apprentice Development Officer Exam GK Questions asked in 25 & 26 July 2015 exam

LIC Apprentice Development Officer exam was carried out on 25 & 26 July 2015. For this examination, GK Questions can be checked from below.
LIC ADO Answer keys 2015 – Candidates can check the questions asked in General Knowledge / computer awareness sections since the exam is online. These questions are based on memory. The answer keys and questions of LIC ADO Exam General Awareness and Computer Awareness section is given below.
LIC ADO GK Questions 25.07.2015 Evening Session Answer key:
---> Currency of Bhutan – Ngultrum
---> International Refugee Day – June 20
---> NREGA full form - National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
---> Whatsapp acquired by – Facebook
---> The author of "DA VINCI CODE" - Dan Brown
---> Noble prize 2014 in children rights - Kailash Satyarthi, Malala Yousafzai.
---> World junior chess championship won by - Lu Shanglai
---> President of BRICS bank – K V Kamath
---> Headquarter of IMF is situated at – Washington
---> Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas date- 9th January every year
---> ASHA was instituted by which ministry- Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
---> Madras atomic station location – Tamil Nadu
---> Till now, how many Bharat ratna distributed – 45
---> Name of president of IOC- Thomas Bach
---> What is the name of Indigo parent company – InterGlobe Enterprises
---> Pu Lal Thanhawla is CM of which state - Mizoram
---> National AGRI market is establish for which purpose- To establish a barrier-free market operating beyond State boundaries
---> UNPSA award 2015 given to - Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health
---> Last census of India was counted in which year – 2011
---> OSCAR award 2015 winner. Movie name Picture Birdman
---> Pandit Vishwa Mohan is player of which instrument Mohan Veena (slide guitar)
---> Who is India's biggest employer - Indian Railways having 1.4 Million employees
---> Current brand ambassador of 'Visit Britain' - Saif Ali Khan

LIC ADO GK Questions 25.07.2015 Morning Session Answer key:

Ques. Capital of Assam is - Dispur
Ques. National Youth Day is celebrated on – 12 January
Ques. The head of IMF is – Christine Legarde
Ques. Full form of IGMS - Integrated Grievance Management System
Ques. Who is the current Railway Minister of India – Suresh Prabhu
Ques. Kumbh Mela started in which city – Nasik
Ques. President of SAARC – Arjun Bahadur Thapa
Ques. First life insurer company of india is 
Ques. Headquarter of AIIB are situated at – Beijing, China
Ques. What is the maximum time limit of issuance of policy -
Ques. Pulitzer Prize in Fiction category 2015 - Anthony Doerr
Ques. Meenakshi temple is situated at -
Ques. Titanic film’s music composer, who died recently – James Horner
Ques. Highest war time gallantry award of India – Ashok Chakra
Ques. What is full time value of insured person. 
Ques. Lupin has acquired 100% equity stake in ZAO Biocom in - Russia.
Ques. Dandia Ras is the dance of which state – Gujarat
Ques. Maggie belonged to which company – Nestle
Ques. Tirth Darshan yojana had been started by which state government – Madhya Pradesh
Ques. Proof of contract in insurance is - 
Ques. Pakistan and china made relationship 
Ques. Amnesty international situated in 
Ques. When a grp of investors pulling in money than entity called is 
Ques. Prospectus in term of insurance is 
Ques. The period in which insured can cancel the policy 
Ques. Minimum age to open a bank account set by RBI is 
Ques. Youngest cricketer who made test century is 
Ques. Pension fund belongs to -
Ques. Pharma company "Lupin" recently acquired "Biocam" which belongs to country ..... 
Ques. Under what condition, underwriter reject/delay life insurance product I think human suffering from AIDS.
Ques. Which insurance product give peroidic return on investment -
Ques. Who is Chairperson of NITI Aayog is - PM Narendra Modi
Ques. Vikku Vinayakram which carnatic music player – Ghatam
Ques. Youngest test century maker - Mohd. Ashraful
Ques. The law under which insurance agent appeal for consumer grievances 
Ques. Max. imprisonment under negotiable instrument act in case of bouncing of check 
Ques. China and Sri Lanka exercise - Exercise-Silk Route 2015
Ques. Name of Paris's religious book - Khordeh Avesta
Ques. Reuters, which country's news agency – England
Ques. If insurance agent is doing wrong thing than what action is done by authority -
Ques. Pulitzer price winner is -
Ques. Name of Titanic movie musician who died in plane accident -
Ques. Premium in PM jeevan jyoti bima yojana- Rs 330
Ques. Mukhmantri tirth darshan yojna launched by which state 
Ques. First insurance company in India - Oriental Life Insurance Company
Ques. Headoffice of Amnesty International are at - London
Ques. Kumbh mela 2015 will be celebrated in which city 
Ques. Meenakshi Amman Temple is situated in – Tamil Nadu

LIC ADO GK Questions 26.07.2015 Morning Session Answer key Download Now:

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LIC ADO GK Questions 26.07.2015 Evening Session Answer key Download Now:

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Some Gk questions asked in LIC ADO exam in the morning shift of 25 July 2015:-

  1. National Youth Day is observed on - 12 January
  2. ICC Chairman - N Srinivasn
  3. Which of the following is not a Grand Slam - Davis Cup
  4. Who is the General Secretary of SAARC - Arjun bahadur Thappa
  5. Headquarters of Reuters is located at   - London
  6. Mukhya Mantree Teerth Darshan Yojana by which state - MP
  7. Biocom Pharma related to which country _- Russia
  8. Srilanka - China joint army exercise name - Silk Route
  9. AIIB headquarter is located at - Beijing
  10. Capital of Assam - Dispur
  11. Highest war time gallantry award of Indian Army - Param Vir Chakra
  12. Meenakshi Amman temple is located in which state - TamilNadu
  13. Who is the head of IMF - Christine Legarde
  14. Dhandia ras dance belongs to which state? - Gujrat
  15. Which books won Pulitzer Prize in Fiction category - All The Lights We Can't See
  16. 1st Insurance Company of India - Bombay Mutual Life Insurance Society (1870)
  17. Name of Titanic title song composer, who recently died  - James Horner
  18. What is the name of Parsi's holy book - Avesta
  19. Maggie is a brand of which company? - Nestle
  20. Who is the Union railway Minister of India- Suresh Prabhu
  21. Kumbh Mela in celebrated in which state - Nashik
  22. Youngest crickter to score a test century - Mohd. Ashraful
  23. PMJJY scheme Premium per year - Rs.330
  24. Amnesty International Headquarters is located at - London
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