Thursday, 7 January 2016

One-Word Substitution for IBPS Bank Exam

Dear experts, here is the important topic is : One-Word Substitution : This topic is important for all IBPS Bank Exam, Bank PO, SSC, LIC AAO, Railway Exams. One word substitution means a single word for a number of words, expressions, phrases or even clauses.

● The life history of a man written by himself. = Autobiography

● A person who believes that there is no God. = Atheist

● A medicine which counteracts the effects of poison. = Antidote

● A person who does something not professionally but for pleasure. = Amateur

● A person residing in a country of which he is not a citizen. = Alien

● That does not bear the name of the writer. = Anonymous

● Government by a ruler who has unlimited power. = Autocracy

● A diplomatic representative of one country in another. = Ambassador

● A traveller in space. = Astronaut

● An assembly of listeners. = Audience

● To give up the throne. = Abdicate

● A medicine which prevents infection by killing germs. = Antiseptic

● The science of vegetable life. = Botany

● The science which treats of life. = Biology

● Government by the officials = Bureaucracy

● The life history of a man written by someone else. = Biography

● One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views. = Bigot

● Festival of the hundredth anniversary. = Centenary

● The man who can eat human flesh. = Cannibal

● Place for burials other than a churchyard. = Cemetery

● Place for cremating of dead bodies. = Crematorium

● A person who is free from national prejudices. = Cosmopolitan

● People working together in the same office or department. = Colleague

● Belonging to the same time. = Contemporary

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