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IT Officer Quiz – 146 (Computer Networking)

Q.1. A network that needs human beings to manually route signals is called....

A) Fiber Optic Network         B) Bus Network

C) T-switched network           D) Ring network

Q.2. TCP/IP ................. layer corresponds to the OSI models to three layers.

A) Application          B) Presentation

C) Session                 D) Transport

Q.3. Which of the transport layer protocols is connectionless?

A) UDP                      B) TCP

C) FTP                       D) Nvt

Q.4. Which of the following applications allows a user to access and change remote files without actual transfer?

A) DNS                     B) FTP

C) NFS                     D) Telnet

Q.5. The data unit in the TCP/IP layer called a .....

A) Message             B) Segment

C) Datagram           D) Frame

Q.6. DNS can obtain the ................. of host if its domain name is known and vice versa.

A) Station address       B) IP address

C) Port address            D) Checksum

Q.7. Which of the following OSI layers correspond to TCP/IP's application layer?

A) Application           B) Presentation

C) Session                 D) All of the above

Q.8. Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via a .......

A) File Server            B) Utility Server

C) Printer Server        D) Gateway

Q.9. A communication device that combines transmissions from several I/O devices into one line is a

A) Concentrator         B) Modifier

C) Multiplexer           D) Full duplex file

Q.10. Which layers of the OSI determines the interface often system with the user?

A) Network              B) Application

C) Data link             D) Session

Q.11. Which of the following of the TCP/IP protocols is the used for transferring files from one machine to another?

A) FTP                 C) SNMP

B) SMTP             D) Rpe

Q.12. In which OSI layers does the FDDI protocol operate?

A) Physical       B) Data link

C) Network       D) A and B

Q.13. In FDDI, data normally travel on ..................

A) The primary ring          B) The Secondary ring

C) Both rings                     D) Neither ring

Q.14. The ............layer of OSI model can use the trailer of the frame for error detection.

A) Physical                 B) Data link

C) Transport               D) Presentation

Q.15. In a ................topology, if there are n devices in a network, each device has n-1 ports for cables.

A) Mesh                  B) Star

C) Bus                     D) Ring

Q.16. Another name for Usenet is

A) Gopher            B) Newsgroups

C) Browser           D) CERN

Q.17. The standard suit of protocols used by the Internet, Intranets, extranets and some other networks.

A) TCP/IP               B) Protocol

C) Open system      D) Internet work processor

Q.18. State whether the following is True or False.

i) In bus topology, heavy Network traffic slows down the bus speed.

ii) It is multipoint configuration.

A) True, True           B) True, False

C) False, True         D) False, False

Q.19. Which of the following is the logical topology?

A) Bus                    B) Tree

C) Star                   D) Both A and B

Q.20. Which of the following is/ are the drawbacks of Ring Topology?

A) Failure of one computer, can affect the whole network

B) Adding or removing the computers disturbs the network activity.

C) If the central hub fails, the whole network fails to operate.

D) Both of A and B

Answers key for : IT Officer Quiz – 146 (Computer Networking)

1. C) T-switched network
2. A) Application
3. A) UDP
4. C) NFS
5. D) Frame
6. B) IP address
7. D) All of the above
8. D) Gateway
9. C) Multiplexer
10. B) Application
11. A) FTP
12. D) A and B
13. A) The primary ring
14. B) Data link
15. A) Mesh
16. B) Newsgroups
17. A) TCP/IP
18. A) True, True
19. C) Bus
20. D) Both of A and B

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