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IBPS Specialist Officer- Marketing Questions

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IBPS Specialist Officer Marketing Previous year Question Papers will help all the applicants of IBPS exam to prepare in much more better way for exam. IBPS SO Marketing Officer Question Papers contain the questions from all fields as are defined in syllabus of paper and so it is easy to get more flexible with type of questions in exam. IBPS Previous Questions and Papers for Marketing Officer are provided below which can be brought into practice to test the level of preparations. This way you can improve upon the weaker sections.

The Top 10 questions provided below are the part of the IBPS SO Marketing Exam 2016 and similar to them are seen in exam paper.
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Q.1). According to Philip Kotler MARKETING is a
Ans– Social Process

Q.2) Which are the constituent elements of modern Marketing?
Ans– It includes selling of products and services, after-sales services and complete satisfaction of customer

Q.3) Marketing is not important in which type of MARKET
Ans – monopolistic MARKET

Q.4) Which types of buyers are important for Marketing?
Ans– Both present and prospective buyers

Q.5) What are the important factors without which there is no requirement of Marketing?
Ans – Buyers, Seller, a product or service and a market

Q.6) What is SWOT?
Ans– Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Q.7) What would be the most important criteria for a person going to open a Savings Bank (SB) account in a bank?
Ans– Standard of Service

Q.8) What is the meaning of TQM, a term often used in Marketing?
Ans– Total Quality Management

Q.9) What is another popular name given to 4 P’s?

Q.10).What is Selling?
Ans- Selling is only a part of the process of marketing and is concerned with promoting and transferring possession and ownership of goods from the seller to the buyer


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