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IBPS PO Interview Preparation – Personal Interview Guide : Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

IBPS PO Interview Preparation – Personal Interview Guide : Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

Why do you want to join Banking Sector? – This is a frequent asked question in SBI, IBPS and other bank interviews.
Even when I appeared for SBI PO Interview in March 2012, they asked me the same question that “Why do you want to join banking sector?”

Here I am giving you some tips to answer this question perfectly:

(1) While answering these types of question you have to be very careful as these questions are critical to your selection and your answer can make or break your chances of final selection.
(2) By asking these types of questions the interviewer wants to judge whether you have clarity in your thoughts and you are well aware of the post and organization you are preparing.
(3) Panel members in the interview looks for a confident and a proactive candidate who is well aware and ready to take responsibility if hired.
(4) Take note of the fact that while framing your answer for this question, take these factors in to consideration.

Possibility of growth
Job security
Prestige in society
These factors if included in your answer will make the answer look professional. Here is a model answer for you which I will suggest you to adopt. Sir, I want to join banking sector because
(1) Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India with more stable and high growth.
(2) Banking Sector offers tremendous growth opportunities as candidates reach from Trainee Officer level to a General Manager level.
(3) Bank employees have respect in the society since there is direct interaction with the customers and bankers participate in various social schemes beneficial for the society.
(4) One of the major reasons is Job security as everyone want to be financially secured.
(5) It is a white collar job also it provides a challenging working environment.
(6) Banks are now using the best available technology for their work; employees get the work on the latest banking software which adds good weightage to their profile.
(7) Bankers enjoy various perks and low interest loans which also attracts me to take banking as my carrier.

NOTE:  White–collar work is performed in an office, cubicle, or other administrative setting.
At Last:

While presenting your answer in the interview, have a smile in your face and look at all the interviewers one by one.
(i) Present the answer in a diplomatic manner so that the interview board might feel that you are not just displaying your ambitions only.
(ii) Do not answer the questions which you don’t know.  Don’t try to be-fool the panel interviewers by giving wrong answers. Wish the panel interviewers by making time into consideration.
(iii) If you feel nervousness than just take a long breadth and have a glass of water. Just think you are the best candidate to be selected. All the very best! Just be confident you are almost there.

All The Best!
Surendra Kumar Suthar- C.S., MBA, SBI PO
Ass. Manager – SBI Bank

Life of a Bank P.O

One of the most common questions asked during Bank P.O. Interview is, ‘What a Bank Probationary Officer / Bank P.O. does?’ In this section we are throwing light on role of a Bank Probationary Officer, what kind of life he lives as Bank P.O. A Bank P.O. in a bank is the entry level appointment to start career as bank officer. In this career growth prospects both in terms of salary package as well as post is high. Promotional prospects are quite higher for those who perform better. The work of a Bank P.O. involves General Banking, Administrative Task, and any other task bestowed by the bank time to time.

A Bank P.O. needs rigorous training to understand nitty-gritty of banking and thus he / she can be asked to perform any work till probation period completes. After the completion of probation period he / she can be assigned routine work like posting, scrolling or advances or anything which relates to banking. Generally, he / she assigned different responsibilities as asked by the Senior Manager. Bank P.Os. are trained for accounting, marketing, investment, billing, finance, human resources, etc.

The Bank P.O. also assigned the task of selling bank’s products and thus to generate high returns. They can be asked to work in loans and advances, mortgage etc. Handling customer grievances is also responsibility of a Bank P.O. Excellent communication skills and ability to deal with people is one of the prime requirement of a Bank P.O.

After completion of Probation period Bank P.O. has given post of Assistant Manager. In the start he / she posted in low capacity branches and given tasks like cheque clearance, cash flow management, Demand Draft Issuances etc. As he / she gains experience and expertise due promotions are offered and shifted to high capacity branches. Bank P.O. enjoys handsome salary along with other facilities and reputed position in society.

How to Face IBPS Bank PO Interviews?

The fresh graduates, who are passing out from universities have to face interview board for getting employment in Public Sector Banks. Every candidate gets nervous initially that ultimately affects his/her performance. Here are some steps and guidelines to reduce nervousness and avoid perform well in interview sessions.


Interview is a face to face interaction between interview and interviewee. It is very useful in judging candidate’s fine qualities. It helps in discovering candidate’s initiative tacts, mental alertness, self confidence etc.
First Impression
The most impressive part of interviewee is his personality and behavior. Some points will help the candidates in impressing board members, which are as follows:
  • Simple and formal dress
  • Walking and sitting in proper posture
  • Relaxed behavior
  • Smiling when entering and leaving the interview room
  • Looking at the interviewer while talking
  • Shaking hands if invited firmly and briefly
  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Adhering to point of discussion
  • Logical approach
Undesirable Mannerism
  • Giving monosyllabic answers: It tends to give an impression that candidate do not have sound knowledge on the subject
  • Do not give the answers in low pitch, which is not audible to the board. This causes displeasure. It is advisable to speak clearly and loudly. 
Avoid Too Many Hand Gestures
It is advisable to the candidate to use too many hand gestures as this creates bad impression in minds of board members.

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