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IBPS PO Previous Computer Questions - Computer Awareness Questions asked

IBPS PO Computer Questions asked online/offline ibps bank exam, IBPS Probationary Officer Computer Awareness Questions

Intitute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is currently conducting Probationary officer online exam at various centres across the country. One of the 5 sections is Computer awareness/knowledge. Large number of candidates have appeared for these posts for written test. Graduation is the required educational qualifications for it. Here we are providing you Computer Awareness Questions asked in IBPS PO exam conducted on various times. The below given Comp. questions are expectet and most important for upcoming IBPS Exams 2016-17 including Clerk exam. Study well as they will let the candidates understand the pattern of written objective test.

IBPS PO Previous Computer Questions Computer Awareness Questions asked

Those candidates who have upcoming exam of IBPS PO 2014 2015 to be conducted, the below given ques. will let them understand the pattern what type of ques. are asked in the written online test. These are important for IBPS Probationary Officer and other Bank Exams including SBI.

Here are some Computer Awareness Questions asked in IBPS PO 2014 online exam (along with answers) conducted on various times.

IBPS PO Computer Questions. Part-1

Here are computer awareness questions asked in IBPS Probationary Officer exam in morning and evening sessions.

Full form of GUI - Graphical user interface.
ctrl + Z is used in Word to - Undo
Windows Explorer is a - Browser.
Full form of DOS - Disk operating system.
PDF - Portable Document Format.
WAN – Wide Area Network.
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
VIRUS - Vital Information Resources Under Seize
GUI – Graphic User Interface.
Linux is a(n) – Operating System.
Mouse ,track ball are which type of devices - Pointing devices
What is Short cut to BOLD the word - CTRL + B
DOS operating system is - Command based
Data transmission b/w mother board and component is through - BUS.
Which of the following belongs to local network – LAN.
The details like name, subject etc consists in a – Data Dictionary / Table
Which of the following is not a programming language - MS Excel.
Which MS office software is used to prepare presentations - MS PowerPoint.
According to ASCII how many letters are there – 256
To go to End of the page which key you use - Shift + Page down.
Chip is also called as - Integrated circuit. 

IBPS PO Computer Questions : Part-2

Here are Comp. awareness ques. asked in IBPS PO online exam morning and evening sessions.

Full form of ISDN - Integrated Services for Digital Network
Full form of OLE - Object Linking and Embedding
Which is an input device - Microphone
What input which is read optically carrying lines of light and dark shades - Barcode
Why RAM is used to store data for short time - Volatile.
Which keys can be used to delete a file permanently in windows OS - Shift+delete
Microsoft office is an - application software.
Which is an Operating System - windows 

IBPS PO Computer Awareness questions asked Part -3

1. Full form of TCP/IP.
2. A link that opens another page - Hyperlink
3. Home page is - First page
4. In Excel, cells are defined as - Intersection of Rows & Columns
5. A device that controls sudden Voltage - Voltage stabilizer
6. Which is not an input device - Monitor
7. A site consists of generally - Lot of web pages

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