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IBPS PO & Clerk 2015: Interview Capsule

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The IBPS PO Interview procedures are set to start. We have posted many articles related to IBPS Bank PO Interview Previous Questions and Capsules. More interviews will follow thereafter. This interview is a way for the panel to evaluate the personal skills and potential of the candidate vis a vis the post he has applied for. The questions asked in this interview are meant to measure the attitude, skills and adjust-ability of the candidate. The approach that the candidate takes to answer the questions lets the board decide the suitability of the candidate for the bank.

As we all know, the interviews for the IBPS PO V will begin from 18th January, 2016, and we were the first among every other platforms (including IBPS) to share the news with you all. Like you, we are also worried about the outcome, thereby trying to help you in every possible way. Visit daily for latest IBPS PO and Clerk Exam Special Interview questions and answers for your better preparations.
As only eight days are remaining, the countdown has started for many of our readers, especially those who have to face the battle on the very first day. Hence, we decided to dedicate today entirely for "Interview Preparation". Since majority of our readers are professional, and today is Sunday, we couldn't find any other better day to choose for "Interview Preparation for Bank PO".

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So, today we decode the purpose behind conducting the interviews.

Just like last time, there will be a common interview, which will be conducted by IBPS and banks will have no role in it.

Total marks allotted for the interview are 100, and relative weight-age (ratio) between CWE and Interview will be 80:20, i.e. 80% from the written marks and 20% from the interview marks.

The interview is an occasion of interpersonal communication between the prospective employer and a prospective candidate. It is a platform where the organization checks the suitability of the candidate vis-a-vis the job profile. Moreover, the interviewee has the opportunity to examine if his/her personal objectives will be met in the job and the company.

In an interview, the candidate try to sell themselves to the interviewer.

What Is It That The Interviewers Check In A Candidate?

  • Whether the candidate has developed and communicated a clear, simple, customer/ user focused vision?
  • Whether the candidate has futuristic outlook, and the potential to be an asset to the organization?
  • Whether the candidate can inspire and energize others and make them commit to a vision?
  • Whether the candidate is willing to make commitments and assume responsibility for the mistakes and shortcomings?
  • Does the candidate practice ethical conduct?
  • Is there any credibility between his/her actions/ behavior with his/her words?
  • Does the candidate take accountability and make commitment to achieve business objectives?
  • Does the candidate have the ability to demonstrate courage/ confidence to stand up for beliefs and ideas to co-workers and seniors?
  • Does the candidate communicate in open, candid, clear, complete and consistent manner?
  • Does the candidate trust others, encourage risk-taking and boundary less behavior?
  • Is the candidate capable of taking leadership and running a branch in the future?
  • How well does the candidate behave under pressure?
In a nutshell, the interviewer checks:
  • Your technical competence to handle the job
  • Your knowledge about the subject you have studied in graduation or post graduation
  • Your personality characteristics
  • Your emotional intelligence
  • Your general awareness and view point about the happenings around you
  • Your limitation in skills
  • Your personality trait
  • Your IQ (intelligence quotient), PQ (physical quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), SQ (spiritual quotient)
  • Your ability to analyze and articulate 
  • Your ability to visualize the future
  • Your linguistic prowess
dear mm readers, As promised to we present to you the most awaited MM Interview Capsule. Providing you all the needed guidance for your ibps bank po interview preparations, covering various dimensions of the interview holistically, namely:
  • About you
  • Banking Concepts and terms
  • Knowledge related to your qualification
 So just go through it to create a strong base, and follow it up with all the other articles provided on on the same lines.

By : Swati Patil.

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