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IBPS Exam : Computer Awareness Questions Bank -5

Here is the important expected Computer Awareness Questions Bank -5 for IBPS Bank PO/SO/Clerk, RRB, RBI Officer and Assistant Exam. These Computer Network Questions and Answers are must for every aspirants.

Q.121. In an ethernet frame specified by IEEE 802.3, preamble is used for synchronization. 

Q.122. In Manchester encoding represents the binary stream 001101. 

Q.123. The destination address in an ethernet frame is 48 bits. 

Q.124. The ‗Time-To-Live‘ field in IP-datagram determines the number of hops. 

Q.125. Netmask is used to separate the network address from the IP address. 

Q.126. The service that converts hostnames into host IP numbers is called Name Service. 

Q.127. The interface IP-numbers of a router between IP networks shall be selected from the ranges of the connected networks. 

Q.128. Routing table defines where to deliver the IP-packets when the destination is not in the same network. 

Q.129. Exponential Back-off algorithm is used to determine the time to wait for another transmission attempt in CSMA-CD networks. 

Q.130. Fast ethernet on twisted pair cable is referred as 100Base-TX. 

Q.131. Fast ethernet on fiber runs at most 2000 meters. 

Q.132. Bit rate is bits per second whereas the baud rate is symbols/changes per second. 

Q.133. ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. 

Q.134. Channel 0 in DMT of DSL is used for basic telephony service. 

Q.135. In DSL, a filter called splitter must be used in both customers‘ and Telco‘s premises. 

Q.136. 23B+D configuration in ISDN is capable of carrying 1544 kbps. 

Q.137. CSMA/CD is not used in wireless ethernet because most radio devices can not listen and transmit simultaneously. 

Q.138. The RF communication technique in wireless ethernet, in which the communication frequency is periodically switched within a set of predetermined sequence, is called Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. 

Q.139. A Bluetooth device is expected to support the applications Generic Access and Service Discovery and the other profiles are optional. 

Q.140. A collection of Bluetooth piconets is called scatternet. 

Q.141. In Differential Manchester encoding technique, the transition in the middle helps synchronization but reduces the transmission rate. 

Q.142. In Link State Routing routing, a router obtains the distances of its neighbors and shares this information with all other routers it knows using specially designed packets. 

Q.143. ARP is used on IEEE-802.3 networks in order to obtain ethernet address from IP address 

Q.144. In class-A IP-addresses 24 bits are reserved for host identification.

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