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IBPS English Study : Important Words

IBPS English Study : Important Words

The list will be very useful to score high marks in English Section of upcoming Competitive Exams.
Learn these words regularly to improve your vocabulary.


To or on the shore or land from the direction of the sea
Example:       “the seals come ashore to breed”
Synonyms:    on to the shore, towards the shore


The area near or surrounding a particular place
Example:       “the number of people living in the immediate vicinity was small”
Synonyms:    neighbourhood, local area, region, quarter, sector
Antonyms:    faraway


The offering of oneself as a sacrifice, especially by burning
Example:       “70 people died in the unrest, mainly by gunfire and self-immolation”


Denoting an artificial body part, such as a limb, a heart, or a breast implant
Example:       “she has learnt to walk again using prosthetic legs”
Synonyms:    artificial arm, artificial leg, fake limb


The action of evading something
Example:       “their adroit evasion of almost all questions”
Synonyms:    avoidance, dodging, elusion, sidestepping, bypassing
Antonyms:   confrontation


Harvest the crop from (a piece of land)
Example:       “farmers agreed to continue reaping the land by traditional means”
Synonyms:    harvest, garner
Antonyms:   forfeit, lose


The dead body of an animal
Example:       “she saw the mud-covered carcass of a sheep”
Synonyms:    corpse, cadaver


Irritate; annoy
Example:       “it irks her to think of the run around she received”
Synonyms:    irritate, annoy, vex, gall, rattle
Antonyms:   please


Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation
Example:       “most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great”
Synonyms:    imitate, copy, reproduce, mimic, mirror, echo, follow
Antonyms:   neglect


Drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place
Example:       “the reformists were ousted from power”
Synonyms:    drive out, expel, force out, throw out, remove
Antonyms:   hire, place, take in


A portion of something, especially money
Example:       “they released the first tranche of the loan”
Synonyms:    portion, piece, slice
Antonyms:    emit


Relating to the immediate surroundings of something
Example:       “the liquid is stored at below ambient temperature”
Synonyms:    surrounding, medium
Antonyms:    distant


Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch
Synonyms:    agitation, troublemaking, provocation
Antonyms:    obedience, calm


The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence
Example:       “there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit”
Synonyms:    conjecture, theorizing, hypothesizing, supposition, guesswork
Antonyms:    disregard, ignore, neglect


Induce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument
Example:       “it wasn’t easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing”
Synonyms:    convince, make, get
Antonyms:    dissuade, discourage, deter


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another
Synonyms:    affinity, appreciation, compassion, insight
Antonyms:    disdain, hatred, indifference


An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct
Example:       “a breach of confidence”
Synonyms:   contravention, violation
Antonyms:    agreement, closing


A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object
Example:       “a clout round the ear”
Synonyms:    smack, slap, thump, punch
Antonyms:    failure, disability, disqualification


A person’s fixed or allotted period of work
Example:       “his varied career included a stint as a magician”
Synonyms:    spell, stretch, period, time, turn
Antonyms:    entertainment, failure, fun


A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification
Example:       “he ended up in detox for three months”
Synonyms:    abrupt withdrawal, crash


A pair of lockable linked metal rings for securing a prisoner’s wrists
Synonyms:    manacles, fetters, shackles, bracelets
Antonyms:    free


A number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or travelling together
Example:       “a flock of gulls”
Synonyms:   group, flight, congregation
Antonyms:    disperse, divide


Goods transported in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft
Example:       “a decline in the amount of freight carried by rail”
Synonyms:   cargo, load, haul, consignment, delivery, shipment
Antonyms:    benefit


(Especially of something unwelcome) flourishing or spreading unchecked
Example:       “political violence was rampant”
Synonyms:    uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread
Antonyms:   mild


A person who travels about selling goods, typically advertising them by shouting
Example:       “hawkers and costermongers pushed their little handcarts, crying ‘Bread!’, ‘Fish!’ and ‘Meat pies!’”
Synonyms:    trader, seller, dealer, purveyor, vendor
Antonyms:   customer, client


(Of a person, animal, or plant) lose or lack vitality; grow weak
Example:       “plants may appear to be languishing simply because they are dormant”
Synonyms:    weaken, grow weak, deteriorate, decline
Antonyms:    thrive, flourish


A sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church
Example:       “an icon installed within the sanctum of the temple”
Synonyms:    holy place, shrine, sanctuary


(Especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand
Example:       “as raw materials became scarce, synthetics were developed”
Synonyms:    in short supply, short, scant, scanty, meagre, sparse
Antonyms:    plentiful, abundant


Use borrowed capital for (an investment), expecting the profits made to be greater than the interest payable
Example:       “a leveraged takeover bid”
Synonyms:    grip, purchase, hold
Antonyms:    weakness


Gather or collect (something, especially information or approval).
Example:       “the police struggled to garner sufficient evidence”
Synonyms:    gather, collect, accumulate
Antonyms:    spend, disperse, distribute


Take apart (a piece of machinery or equipment) in order to examine it and repair it if necessary
Example:       “the steering box was recently overhauled”
Synonyms:    service, maintain, repair, mend
Antonyms:    break, damage, destroy


Compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something
Example:       “the athletes were vying for a place in the British team”
Synonyms:    compete, contend, contest, struggle, fight, battle
Antonyms:    Agree, aid, assist, help


Generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others
Example:       “presumably public money is not dispensed with such largesse to anyone else”
Synonyms:    generosity, liberality, munificence, bounty
Antonyms:    meanness, miserliness


Quickly seize (something) in a rude or eager way
Example:       “she snatched a biscuit from the plate”
Synonyms:    grab, seize
Antonyms:    whole


Intrusion on a person’s territory, rights, etc
Example:       “minor encroachments on our individual liberties”
Synonyms:    intrusion into, trespass on
Antonyms:    give, ignore


Example:       “I’ll confess it miffed me slightly at the time”
Synonyms:    annoyed, displeased, offended, aggrieved
Antonyms:    pleased


Soldiers or armed forces
Example:       “UN peacekeeping troops”
Synonyms:    soldiers, armed forces
Antonyms:    individual, one


A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts
Synonyms:    coldness, compensation


A portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct
Example:       “the besieged Muslim enclave of Srebrenica”
Synonyms:    ascendancy, authorization, command, commission
Antonyms:    submission, subordination


A long-standing rival; an arch-enemy
Example:       “will Harry Potter finally defeat his nemesis, Voldemort?”
Synonyms:    arch-enemy, arch-rival, enemy
Antonyms:    advantage, associate, happiness


Publicly declare to be wrong or evil
Example:       “the Assembly denounced the use of violence”
Synonyms:    condemn, criticize, attack, censure, reject
Antonyms:    praise


The area near or surrounding a particular place
Example:       “the number of people living in the immediate vicinity was small”
Synonyms:    neighbourhood, local area, district, region, quarter, sector, territory
Antonyms:    faraway


A mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object
Example:       “a flaw in the glass”
Synonyms:    defect, blemish, fault, imperfection, deficiency, weakness
Antonyms:    strength


Leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to escape from custody or avoid arrest
Example:       “the barman absconded with a week’s takings”
Synonyms:    run away, escape, bolt, clear out, flee
Antonyms:    appear, arrive, come, continue


The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise
Example:       “he set off at dawn”
Synonyms:    daybreak, break of day, crack of dawn, sunrise, first light
Antonyms:    dusk, end


A person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger
Example:       “a new initiative aimed at beating the menace of drugs”
Synonyms:    danger, peril, risk, hazard, threat
Antonyms:    friendly, auspicious


A check or restraint on something
Example:       “plans to introduce tougher curbs on insider dealing”
Synonyms:    restraint, restriction, check, brake, rein, control, limitation
Antonyms:    release


The process of taking legal action
Example:       “the company wishes to avoid litigation”
Synonyms:    legal action, legal case
Antonyms:    accord, compromise


cause (someone) to become an advocate of radical political or social reform.
Example:       “some of those involved had been radicalized by the Vietnam War”
Synonyms:    profound, basal, bottom
Antonyms:    inessential, minor, secondary, unimportant


Knowledge or awareness
Example:       “the Renaissance cognizance of Greece was limited”
Synonyms:    awareness, notice, knowledge, realization, recognition, appreciation
Antonyms:    disregard


Cause (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.
Example: It wasn’t easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing
Synonyms: Prevail on, coax, convince, get, induce, win over, bring around, coerce
Antonyms: Discourage, dissuade, fail, halt, prevent, repel


A punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.
Example: The Israeli academic establishment boycotted him
Synonyms: ban, veto, embargo, prohibition, sanction, restriction
Antonym: accept, allow, approve, include, sanction


Cause or allow (something, especially food or drink) to pass down the throat.
Example: She swallowed a mouthful slowly
Synonyms: Eat, gulp down, consume, devour, put away, ingest, assimilate
Antonyms: nibble, abstain, hold, keep, disbelieve


A hope or ambition of achieving something.
Example: He had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations
Synonyms: Desire, hope, dream, wish, longing, yearning, aim, ambition, expectation
Antonyms: Apathy, dislike, hate


(Of a person or part of the body) partly or wholly incapable of movement.
Example: He became partially paralyzed
Synonyms: disabled, crippled, handicapped, incapacitated, paralytic
Antonyms: build, construct, continue, improve, repair, restore, aid, assist, bore


Physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument.
Example: researchers probing the digestive glands of mollusks
Synonyms: Examine, feel, feel around, explore, prod, poke


A physical attack.
Example: His imprisonment for an assault on the film director
Synonyms: Attack, hit, strike, punch, beat up, thump, pummel, pound, batter, clout
Antonyms: Retreat


Cause to feel sorrow
Example: “His behaviour grieves his mother”
Synonyms: Mourn, lament, sorrow, be sorrowful, cry, sob, weep


A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
Example: A conspiracy to destroy the government
Synonyms: Plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge, racket
Antonyms: Faithfulness, honesty, ignorance


Expel (a foreigner) from a country, typically on the grounds of illegal status or for having committed a crime.
Example: He was deported for violation of immigration laws
Synonyms: Expel, banish, exile, transport, expatriate, extradite, repatriate, evict
Antonyms: Allow, hold, keep, take in, welcome

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