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IBPS English Notes - Collective Nouns

IBPS English Notes - Collective Nouns

One of the important parts of speech in English is the NOUN. Name of a person,a thing, an idea,a feeling, an emotion,a status,a bird or an animal-simply any concept-can be termed as a Noun according to the language. Whenever a word is to be used to denote a ‘group’ of a particular species, things or persons, an exclusive and sometimes bizarre collective Noun is made use of. While some of these collective nouns have achieved widespread currency and acceptance, a few others barely cling on. Nonetheless it is an interesting journey to go through the list!

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1 A pass of Asses
2 A host of Angels
3 A shrewdness of Apes
4 A quiver of Arrows
5 A hand of Bananas
6 A cauldron of Bats
7 A hill of Beans
8 A sloth of Bears
9 A fighting of Beggars
10 A rascal of Boys
11 An Obstinacy of Buffalos
12 A fusillade of Bullets
13 A college of Cardinals
14 A clowder of Cats
15 A cluster of Cats
16 A clutter of Cats
17 A rag of Colts
18 A hastiness of Cooks
19 A shock of Corn
20 A bask of Crocodiles
21 A murder of Crows
22 A doctrine of Doctors
23 A pack of Dogs
24 A pace of Donkeys
25 A team of Ducks(when flying)
26 A parade of Elephants
27 A tower of Giraffes
28 A trip of Goats
29 A gaggle of Gossips
30 A herd of Harlots
31 A covert of Hoots
32 A stud of Horses
33 A cry of Hounds
34 A mute of Hounds
35 A sentence of Judges
36 A Troop of Kangaroos
37 A kindle of Kitten
38 A tissue of Lies
39 A band of Men
40 A lobour of Moles
41 A troop of Monkeys
42 A superfluity of Nuns
43 A stare of Owls
44 A parliament of Owls
45 A yoke of Oxen
46 An ostentation of Peacocks
47 A poverty of Pipers
48 A string of Ponies
49 A litter of Puppies
50 An unkindness of Ravens(a bird)
51 A dray of Squirrels
52 A untruth of Summoners
53 A wedge of Swans (when flying)
54 A knot of Toads
55 A gam of Whales
56 An impatience of Wifes
57 A gaggle of Women
58 A descent of Woodpeckers
59 A worship of Writers
60 A zeal of Zebras

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