Tuesday, 12 January 2016

IBPS Bank Exam: Banking and Finance Quiz 54

Q.1. Stanislas Wawrinka has won his fourth Chennai Open Title recently. He belongs to which of the following countries?
(1) France
(2) Croatia
(3) Spain
(4) Poland
(5) Sweden
Ans: (2) Croatia 

Q.2. Which SAARC country has been elected as a member of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) executive board representing the Group of Asia-Pacific States for 2016-18?
(1) Bhutan
(2) Sri Lanka
(3) Afghanistan
(4) Nepal
(5) Myanmar
Ans: (4) Nepal 

Q.3. Ravindra Kalia recently passed away, who was he?
(1) Hindi writer and journalist
(2) Photographer
(3) Defence Scientist
(4) Ex National Security Advisor
(5) Film Producer

Ans: (1) Ravindra Kalia was a noted Hindi writer and journalist.

Q.4. For which of the following films Leonardo DiCaprio has won the Golden Globe award for best dramatic actor? 
(1) Joy
(2) Room
(3) The Revenant
(4) Mad Men
(5) Jungle

Ans: (3) The Revenant 

Q.5. Who has been honoured with the ‘Bulandh Bharath’ Award for his exemplary contributions towards nation building?
(1) Mahesh K. Kamdar
(2) A.M. Naik
(3) Atul Punj
(4) G.M. Rao
(5) Lagadapati Raja Gopal
Ans: (4) G.M. Rao 

Q.6. Maria Teresa de Filippis, who was best known as Formula 1's first ever female driver, passed away at the age of 89. She belonged to-
(1) Britain
(2) Italy
(3) Switzerland
(4) Norway
(5) Portugal
Ans: (2) Italy 

Q.7. Who among the following is new CEO of India's biggest e-commerce company Flipkart? 
(1) Amit Agarwal
(2) Abhishek Goyal
(3) Sachin Bansal
(4) Binny Bansal
(5) Avnish Bajaj
Ans: (4) Binny Bansal

Q.8. With which company the ICC has announced an eight-year deal to declare it as an event partner for ICC events from 2016-2023?
(1) Oxigen
(2) MoneyGram
(3) ItzCash
(4) XPay
(5) SmartPay

Ans: (2) MoneyGram 

Q.9. David Bowie who died recently at the age of 69 due to cancer, he was a/an- 
(1) Actor
(2) Director
(3) Singer
(4) Producer
(5) Writer
Ans: (3) Singer 

Q.10. Sania Mirza is at the top in the women’s double chart, what is the rank of her partner Martina Hingis? 
(1) Second
(2) Third
(3) Fourth
(4) Fifth
(5) Sixth
Ans: (1) Second

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