Wednesday, 13 January 2016

IBPS Bank Exam 2016 : English Spotting Errors Quiz 61

Q.1. It is pity (a)/ that the son (b)/ of millionaire (c)/ should indulge in stealing. (d)/ no error(e)

Q.2. He says that (a)/ a two miles walk (b)/ always keeps him (c)/ healthy and fresh.(d)/ no error(e)

Q.3. The articles published (a)/ in this (b)/ magazine are (c)/ better than that magazine. (d)/ no error(e)

Q.4. He failed to find (a)/ out the solution (b)/ to all the problems despite (c)/ his thoroughly study of the book.(d)/ no error(e)

Q.5. No sooner he had arrived (a)/ home than he was asked (b)/ to start on (c)/ another journey.(d)/ no error(e)

Q.6. Both the structure (a)/ or the chemical composition (b)/ of lamellae (c)/ are complex.(d)/ no error(e)

Q.7. The great actor was angry (a)/ with the treatment (b)/ during the party (c)/ in Bandhan hall. (d)/ no error (e)

Q.8. He told me that (a)/ he wrote a letter (b)/ to his superior for (c)/ a certain reason.(d)/ no error(e)

Q.9. The book, although (a)/ written in bad English, (b)/ makes a few interesting observations (c)/ which needs to be highlighted.(d)/ no error (e)

Q.10. The treasure has (a)/ absconded alongwith (b)/ the funds (c)/ of the club. (d)/ no error (e)

Answers and Explanation

1. (c) Use ‘a’ before ‘millionaire’ because here ‘millionaire’ is a countable noun.
2. (b) Use ‘mile’ instead of ‘miles’ because with the use of ‘two’ singular form of noun (mile) is required.
3. (d) Use ‘those published in that magazine’ because ‘those’ is used for two or more than two things.
4. (d) Use ‘thorough’ in place of ‘thoroughly’ because ‘thoroughly’ is an adverb whereas ‘thorough’ is an adjective word.
5. (a) Use ‘had’ before ‘he’ because inverted form of verb is used in the sentence starting with ‘no sooner’.
6. (b) Use ‘and’ in place of ‘or’ because ‘and’ is fallowed with the use of ‘both’.
7. (b) Use ‘at’ in place of ‘with’ because ‘angry with’ is used for ‘a person’ where as ‘angry at’ is used for ‘something’.
8. (b) Use ‘he had written’ in place of ‘he wrote’ because of direct narration.
9. (d) Use ‘need’ in place of ‘needs’ because the antecedent of which is ‘observations’ and it is given in plural form so verb will be used in plural form.
10. (b) Put ‘with’ in place of ‘alongwith’ because ‘absconded’ is followed by the preposition ‘with’.

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