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Days and Years – Questions & Answers Latest

Days and Years – Questions & Answers:

Q 1 : World Literacy Day is observed on
A: Sep 5
B: Aug 6
C: Sep 8
D: Oct 24
Answer : C

Q 2 : World Human Rights Day is observed on
A: April 8
B: December 10
C: December 7
D: September 5
Answer : B
Q 3 : 1981 was the international year of the
A: Disabled
B: Women
C: Children
D: Blind
Answer : A
Q 4 : The decade 1981-1990 was observed as International Decade for
A: Peace
B: Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation
C: Women
D: Children
Answer : B
Q 5 : Which day is observed as World Food Day?
A: September 10
B: August 16
C: November 4
D: October 16
Answer : D
Q 6 : The year 1991 was observed in India as the year of
A: Population control
B: Girl child
C: Literacy
D: Tourism
Answer : D
Q 7 : The United Nations declared 1993 as a year of the
A: disabled
B: forests
C: girl child
D: indigenous people
Answer : D
Q 8 : The birthday of which of the leader in India is observed as Children’s day?
A: Mahatma Gandhi
B: S.Radhakrishnan
C: Rajiv Gandhi
D: Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer : D
Q 9 : ‘Rosh Hashanah’ is the new year’s day of which communities?
A: Jews
B: Muslims
C: Hindus
D: Shinto
Answer : A
Q 10 : Which of the following festivals is celebrated on Prophet Mohammed birthday?
A: Id-Ul-Zuha
B: Id-e-Milad
C: Id-Ul-Fitr
D: Muharram
Answer : B
Q 11 : The year 1985 was declared as the International Year of
A: Blind
B: Youth
C: Children
D: GandhiWomen
Answer : B
Q 12 : India Celebrates February 28 every year as ‘National Science Day’ because on this day
A: first Indian Space craft was launched
B: Nehru laid the foundation of Science labs all over India
C: in 1928 C.V. Raman discovered what was later called the ‘Raman Effect’
D: Vikram Sarabhai was born
Answer : C
Q 13 : Which year is observed as Poverty Eradication Year by SAARC?
A: 1998
B: 1997
C: 1996
D: 1995
Answer : D
Q 14 : Which day is observed as World No Smoking Day ?
A: 15th July
B: 31st December
C: 1st January
D: 31st May
Answer : D
Q 15 : The World Environment Day is celebrated on
A: April 7
B: June 5
C: August 6
D: June 16
Answer : B
Q 16 : ‘Teacher’s Day’ is observed on which of the date?
A: September 5
B: January 30
C: November 14
D: October 2
Answer : A
Q 17 : Journalist Day was celebrated for the first time all over the country on
A: Oct. 20, 1984
B: Oct. 1, 1984
C: Oct 28, 1984
D: Oct. 8, 1984
Answer : C
Q 18 : National Maritime Day falls on
A: April 5
B: June 5
C: October 5
D: September 5
Answer : A
We we will update more questions and answers.

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