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Crack IBPS Bank Exam with yourself! Without coaching class

Special Guide Class by meritmock.com for IBPS Bank Exam Students: A little intro about IBPS Bank Exam:  We provide mock tests, quiz, study notes, daily current affairs, ibps asked question papers and more free study material for an unlimited number of users, with updated series article for the best practice and knowledge, Live tests for your exams including GATE, SBI PO, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, CAT and so on...

Building this confidence from scratch is a difficult endeavor. After all, it is risk-taking behavior, a “try and fail, and try again” mentality, that has been shown to build confidence—which can lead to a frustrating “chicken and egg” problem.

The primary obstacles to risk-taking are the existing patterns that shape our work lives. Everbody had reached a wall—I felt tired of going through the cycle of being bold and assertive at home, getting negative feedback, changing my behavior to be more quiet and go-with-the-flow, and then getting negative feedback again.”

The only obstacles to risk-taking are the existing patterns that shape our work lives. Everybody feet stuck in this loop of low self-esteem in one’s life. Even though we consider ourself to be a high-functioning hire, really ambitious, very creative, and also equally rational and logical, friendly and a decent communicator and listener, we start to think, well, maybe it’s not just us?

Below, we’ll explore the steps needed to best overcome your fear of taking the risks needed to advance your career.

1. Clearly Define Your Values & Goals
A crucial first step in the confidence building process is to make a personal road map. This process typically begins with a great deal of introspection. The age-old exercise of asking “Where do you see yourself in five years?” may sound trite, but it’s a good starting point for assessing where you are and where you want to be. What do you want to accomplish this year? This month? By breaking overarching dreams into manageable, actionable tasks, you create a tangible road map.

By breaking overarching dreams into manageable, actionable tasks, you create a tangible road map.
Perhaps you need to further develop your skill set, or maybe you have outgrown your current position. These factors lay the foundation for your daily goals

2. Discover Your Risk-Taking Muscles 
Once you have your road map, it’s time to push forward one step at a time. And yes, that means taking risks. Much like a consistent exercise regime, risk-taking is rooted in consistent practice and reduction of the potential obstacles that arise when motivation wanes. 

Sometimes, the small experiments appear before you; when that happens, it’s important to reframe these situations as chances to succeed rather than recipes for failure. We should start to consider each risk or opportunity as a way for us to expand our skill set and consider how the risk will allow us to reach our long-term goals.

What is the worst possible outcome of taking the chance: temporary rejection? Mild embarrassment? A chunk of time wasted? If the opportunity intrigues you, don’t count yourself out of the game before you get involved.

It’s important to reframe opportunities as chances to succeed rather than recipes for failure.

On other occasions, you must create these opportunities. Maybe it’s a shot in the dark, like an email to a woman that inspires you, or sending an application to a dream job for which you feel under qualified. The experimentation process is meant to be uncomfortable, because it forces you to acknowledge your fears and push ahead anyway. If you analyze an opportunity and your hang-ups include “I’m afraid,” or “I don’t know,” that’s okay. It means it’s a great time to do it and find out. Because a risk can be as small as an email, you can chip away at your goals and make progress every day. If you’re a fan of data, track this progress. Maybe your tool of choice is an app, like Wonderful Day or Commit. Whatever your tracking mechanism of choice, create a clear visual of the work you put in over time. When motivation flags or something disrupts your momentum, a quick look at all your efforts can help get you back on track.

3. Get Support Through Mentorship
Connecting with mentor can dismantle unproductive patterns. On a broader scale, a greater presence of mentor, can also lead to greater acceptance and improved perceptions in the field.

Finding a mentor carves out a safe space to ask questions, explore new ideas, and receive encouragement to step outside of comfort zones. The very presence of mentor in positions of power can serve as a subconscious confidence boost, and result in more risky goal-setting. 

Navigating the experimentation process can be lonely, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Taking risks isn’t about blindly throwing yourself into anything; it’s about doing the leg work beforehand to know what you want, and what you need to do to get it, in order to fully embrace the opportunity when it comes your way.

prepare for bank exam in 1 month...

Five Success Mantras for Cracking the Bank Exam

Indian PSU banks provide an excellent opportunity for graduates. More than 7.5 lac freshers will be recruited by Indian PSU banks over the next 5 years. While the jobs are aplenty, the competition for these jobs is equally high.

But preparation for the exam is key. Success rate is only 1.5% - what this means is less than 2 out of 100 aspirants that take the bank exam actually get a job.Banks select freshers for their aptitude and train them in banking enabling them to move up the value chain. Hence, cracking the aptitude test is the first major hurdle for the aspirants.

Selection Process for Bank Exam
Only 5 – 10% make it through the Elimination round of the Aptitude Test. Hence it is critical to prepare and make sure you cross this first hurdle successfully.
Five success mantras for cracking this examination.
  1. Take Stock: Knowing where you stand on your Ability to Cract the Aptitude Test
  2. Know the Game: Know the examination process and procedure
  3. Get Trained: Get help - Professional Coaching
  4. Practice, Practice and more practice
  5. Just do it

1. Take Stock: Knowing where you stand:

This area is normally and easily overlooked by aspirants. Bank exams test only basic Aptitude, and hence it is easy to ignore the need for development and falling on the trap ‘I know all these things’.
Yes, the fact is that the exam covers basic arithmetic and aptitude. However, what gets overlooked is the need for speed coupled with Accuracy. In a typical examination, there is a major time pressure. One has to answer 250 questions in 150 minutes – a mere 36 seconds for each question.
Hence, knowing how to solve a problem does not suffice, knowing how quickly you can do the same correctly is the key. Hence, taking stock of where you stand with respect to speed and accuracy on various topics that gets covered in this exam is a must.
The best way to know where you are is to take mock tests and get to know where you stand in terms of the marks scored by you, time taken and compare your marks with the cut off marks and marks scored by other aspirants.

2. Know the Game: Know the examination

The next step is understand the examination. While the knowledge required for most aptitude tests are the same, thestrategy to handle the examination will differ significantly depending on the exam itself.
For eg. the Common Written Examination (CWE) conducted by IBPS, looks for one to be well rounded across multiple areas. Hence, there are individual cut offs for each section. If one is strong in say English & have the ability to score very high, it will help his cause in selection. However, as a pre requisite one has to cross the cut of mark in each of the 5 sections. Thus, if one scores very high on English and very low in say GK, he / she will not qualify in spite of the total marks being better than the average cut offs. This needs to be understood and there are many other things. Some of the key areas are:
  1. Qualifying marks in each section
  2. Negative marks
  3. Questions with differing difficulties & strategy for handling
  4. Time management in line with the above pattern
Taking guidance on each of the exam and its uniqueness will go a long way in creating a suitable strategy for one in attacking this examination.

3. Professional Coaching

Another frequently raised question among aspirants is that ‘is there a need for professional coaching for bank exam?’
This arises generally from the fact that as confident individuals we tend to believe that we are ready for the challenge and we can crack any examination as we know most of the concepts. This confidence is absolutely necessary. However, confidence alone is not sufficient.
We need to understand the fact that a person who has an above average aptitude levels has a fair chance to crack the exam irrespective of coaching. However, if professional coaching helps him to get 10-20 additional marks, this can make a huge difference – because the competition is very high and every additional mark is a value.
Yes, many people believe that what is covered in the bank exam coaching were taught in school. But the fact is, most of us tend to forget what was taught in school and a refresher is a must for one to be ready for facing the competition with time deadlines.
In addition to preparation, the benefit of professional coaching includes ability to create a strategy for the examination, understand what other aspirants are doing and also get more focussed attention on exam specific development which will come handy in the GK section of the examination.

4. Practice, Practice and more practice

Practice makes a man perfect it is said and this is definitely not without reason. More the time spent in practicing, better is the efficiency in the examination. Take Sachin for example, he has made it a habit of practicing and more he practices, more efficient he becomes at the crease. Higher the efforts prior to the examination, better is the efficiency during the examination.
Hence, a serious contender who is keen to land a job in banking needs to put in hours and hours of hard work, which has the ability of providing rewards in multiples.
The practice must be well directed. A misdirected practice has the danger of de railing your preparation. If the Australian team spends hours and hours of practice for playing a short pitch ball for a tour to India – is it going to be of any value? Similarly, for any examination, practice has to be focused and in line with the requirements.
A professional guidance in understanding the areas which require practice will go a long way in making one better equipped to crack the bank examination

5. Just do it

Like in most things in life, success comes to those who enjoy what they are doing. Yes, Bank exam preparation can be an arduous task. However, one has to enjoy going through the preparation. Those who enjoy this hard work will relish the same in the future. So put in your hard work with your own heart and see how the whole world works towards making your dream come true.

You can do it. What you need is the right approach coupled with good strategies for reaching your destiny. I am happy to sign off with this, having had my first communication with a future banker. Have a great time.

Crack IBPS Bank Exam with yourself! Without coaching class...?

This is our second article for crack bank exam without coaching or tution classes. In India aspirants in life we face many incidents when our confidence on ourselves seems to be shattered. These conditions can arise as any time, be it some bad news, be it a failure in product or be it a malfunctioning of a believemany more  or whatever. The most successful people out of these are those who are able to pull themselves out of this whole circle of discouragement.
I myself have encountered many such conditions before and have experienced a few best methods to pull yourself out.

  1. Learn to change mind: In case something is bringing you a demoralizing sort of thing, change the topic and relax your mind. For example Some people working in deep pressure sometimes loose their confidence quickly. If I would be in their place I would have surely talked to my share market guy and got a detailed market review from him. :P… This is known as the technique to flush out things. Read- No Interview for IBPS PO, SO & Clerk from 2017 New Financial Year

  2. Learn to speak good to yourself: In cases when you feel that your confidence is getting lost start speaking good for yourself to yourself. For e.g. I love to boost myself by talking about those things which are considered as wonders by me(done by me). And I sometimes also create a virtual scenario to make it big, just to boost my confidence. Check-Important Abbreviations for Competitive Exams, Bank & Govt Jobs

  3. Share things with people you trust: Sometimes sharing things makes things simpler. You always have a chance to get a way out. Must read-Bank PO Interview Questions
  4. Take a small break: Sometimes a failure have a stretch of some days. In that case you must take a day rest from work and then rejoin office. You will have a better chance of solving that old problem.Wow good news for you that Complete List of Schemes Launched by Modi Government (with Details)

  5. Be quick in telling problems to seniors: You are not the first or the last person in this world who is facing problems. Try your best to solve a problem but if one is taking more time than required its better to consult your seniors on the issue. Good article for Bank Exam Preparation - Important a to z Full Forms - Abbreviations for Bank and Other Exams

How To Prepare For IBPS Exams Without Coaching Classes?

bank po interview questions and answers pdf free download

I hope that above 5 points be of great help to people. These were my experiences and I had done the same to encounter with it.

How to prepare for IBPS Clerk? Tips to Crack

IBPS Clerk preparation tips

How to prepare for bank exams!? Is the only word that browbeat in the minds of every graduate student who want to entangle his/her life with bank jobs. IBPS clerk is one of these jobs that claimants looking for. Here we are giving some treasure to seeking candidates about the IBPS Clerk preparation tips. Every candidate is glancing at different site for IBPS Clerk study Plan and fed up listening to same tips every day, here we are giving the simple, easy and different tips to climb the ladder of success smoothly. And our data about Last Minute tips for IBPS gives hunch to your preparations.

IBPS Clerk study Plan

Before writing the IBPS Clerk examination every claimants have to gain minimum knowledge about the organization. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a self-governing agency in India. That rooted in 1975? It is an Independent entity to take charges to conduct examinations on Reserve Bank of India and some public sector banks by common written examinations (CWE) for selecting Officers and Clerk in Indian Banks. This organization follows the selection process of written test and Interview. The selected aspirants in the written test is further processed to Interview.

Time management tips for IBPS Clerk

Most of the claimants are facing the problem in the examination is time management. In my experience when I start to write the second section of the examination, that flaky system shows the “time up” symbol and made me frustrate. I don’t want others to face the same problem like me. Someone think I’m a genius no need to follow any tips for examination, but that thinking it wrong. “Behind every little achievement there is a preparation tips”. So, please follow Time management tips for IBPS Clerk. First we apprise candidate to know more about the IBPS Clerk exam along with the exam pattern and syllabus. Divide the time for different sections. And first start with difficult section, hey you are not listening wrong. I want candidate’s to start with difficult section and answer the questions that come to your knowledge and leave the rest. If candidate start with difficult section they can answer the easy sections in last minute as soon as possible. It’s better to solve the English section in IBPS Clerk within 25 minutes or less than 20 minutes.
Last Minute tips for IBPS Section wise cut off
Applicants who fall in love with the IBPS Clerk examination want to glimpse at IBPS Clerk Cracking tips and ready to start their IBPS Clerk preparation tips before 3 months to the examination. Claimants who had the strong will to achieve the bank post can get good score in examination with in their preparation of 3 or 4 months. Here we are giving IBPS Clerk preparation tips together with the IBPS Clerk study Plan in our site to encourage the candidates with our writings. There are different sections in IBPS Clerk that blow the minds of the seeker. To score in Quantitative Aptitude seekers can view at reference books of author R.S. Aggarwal and N.K. Singh. Preparing for English, even we watch more English movies we can’t answer those Tenses, misspelled words, cloze test etc. thus why better to read English news paper than watching movies. Even you gain the current affairs while reading the news paper, that’s killing the two birds with one stone. Postulants have to make time for all the sections in the IBPS Clerk. Even you qualified in three sections and not qualified in one section that means you are not qualified. Give time to IBPS Clerk study Plan for all the sections equally even you are genius in one section. We hope applicants can memorize our IBPS Clerk preparation tips to succeed in Bank examinations.
IBPS Clerk study Plan
Reference booksAuthor
Reasoning A modern approach to verbal & non Verbal reasoning revised editionR.S. Aggarwal
Publisher: S.Chand Publishing
English LanguageWren and Martin, A.K Kappor, Hari mohan Prasad
Quantitative aptitudeR.S Aggarwal, N.K singh

General AwarenessRPH Editorial board, Manohar Pandey, BSC Publication
Computer knowledgeDr. Alok Kumar or R. Pillai
Top tips to get score on IBPS Clerk
  • Check out the syllabus. Knowing more about the syllabus is more important. To get a clear idea about the sections and topics of the subjects will lead you halfway to the destination
  • Find a coaching centre. It’s better to have a coaching for IBPS Clerk examination. Because it the toughest examination with less pass percentage. May be you can crack the exam without coaching in rare condition, if you are a genius.
  • Collect the materials. Gathering the materials for all the topics will give more satisfaction than preparing the examination
  • Divide the time. Start your IBPS Clerk preparation tips by dividing the sections with equal time allocation of time and days to different topics even you are genius in one topic, give same time to that topic with the rest.
  • Prepare for war. Candidates are combating with IBPS Clerk. so start preparation for Time management tips for IBPS Clerk
  • Speed: maintain the speed while writing the examination. As fast as possible complete the sections with your answers. If the question is not in your knowledge just leave it or follow your own method to fill the unknown blank
  • Congratulations: If you follow all our tips you guys definitely qualify in the examination. So, start your preparations now. There is no time for prelims and mains examination.
  • increase your confidence in IBPS Bank Exam

SBI PO Exam Preparation Strategy 2016-2017 – Tips and Books

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