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Computer Quiz Capsule For IBPS PO,SO, Clerk and RRB PO, Assistant

Computer Quiz Capsule For IBPS PO,SO, Clerk and RRB PO, Assistant

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 1

1.    Full form of TCP is:
(1) Transmission Control Protocol
(2) Total Control Protocol
(3) Transmission Control Program
(4) Totaling Control Program
(5) None of these

2.    __ provides a common address space and routes the packets of data across the entire internet?
(1) IP                               
(2) TCP
(3) UDP                          
(4) ALU
(5) None of these

3.    Cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called?
(1) Civil Law                   
(2) Criminal Law
(3) Electronic Law                      
(4) Cyber Law
(5) Cyber Authority

4.    To move to the beginning of a line of text, press __key?
(1) Home                          
(2) Ctrl
(3) Space                         
(4) Enter
(5) None of these

5.    What menu is selected to change the font and style?
(1) Tools                           
(2) File
(3) Format                        
(4) Edit
(5) None of these

6.    The process of starting the computer and loading of operating system programs for execution is known as
(1) initialization                
(2) retrieving
(3) loading                                   
(4) searching
(5) booting

7.    Primary memory is used by the:
(1) user                           
(2) input device
(3) CPU                          
(4) all of these
(5) None of these

8.    In a disk, each block of data is written into -
(1) one sector                 
(2) three sector
(3) Two sectors              
(4) Two or more sectors
(5) either two or three sectors:

9.    The Pentium processor contains-
(1) tens of thousands of transistors
(2) hundred thousands of transistors
(3) thousands of transistors
(4) several millions of transistors
(5) hundred transistors

10.  __ was the precursor to internet as we know it today?
(1) ARPANET                
(3) TELNET                                
(4) DBMS
(5) None of these

11.  Which of the following is not an operating system?
(1) DOS                          
(2) Oracle
(3) Linux                         
(4) Windows
(5) None of these

12.  In word, what combination of keys do you press to delete an entire word?
(1) Ctrl + del                   
(2) Alt + del
(3) Shift + Backspace    
(4) Shift + Alt + del
(5) None of these

13.  Hardware that adds two numbers is:
(1) the control unit          
(2) an internal CPU register
(3) arithmetic Logic Unit 
(4) Browser
(5) None of these

14.  A small amount of memory included in the processor for high speed access id called-
(1) Register                     
(2) Cache
(3) RAM                          
(4) ROM
(5) None of these

15.  A byte represents a group of:
(1) 10 bits                         (2) 40 bits
(3) 16 bits                         (4) 18 bits
(5) 8 bits

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 2

1.  _____terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer systems.

(1) Point-of-sale (POS)
(2) Data
(3) Sales
(4) Query
(5) None of these

2. Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ____ in many busi-nesses.
(1) supercomputers
(2) mainframes
(3) laptops       
(4) clients
(5) None of these

3. DSL is an example of a(n) _____  connection.
(1) network     
(2) wireless
(3) slow
(4) None of these
(5) broadband
4.  A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is
(1) Micro program sequence
(2) Modulation
(3) Multiprocessing
(4) Multiprogramming
(5) None of these

5. What is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time?
(1) Light pen   
(2) Mouse
(3) Terminal     
(4) Digitizer
(5) None of these

6. Multi user systems provided cost savings for small business because they use a single pro-cessing unit to link several
(1) Personal computers
(2) Dumb terminals
(3) Workstations
(4) Mainframes
(5) None of these

7. A dumb terminal has
(1) An embedded micro-proces
(2) Extensive memory
(3) A keyboard and screen
(4) Independeh I processing
(5) None of these

8. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities ?
(1) Universal Serial Bus
(2) Ultra Serial Block
(3) United Service Block
(4) universal Security Block
(5) None of these

9. A device that connects to a network without the use pf cables is said to be— 
(1) distributed
(2) open source
(3) centralized 
(4) wireless
(5) None of these

10. A ___ is a collection of com-puters and device connected together.
(1) network
(2) memory card
(3) protocol
(4) central processing unit
(5) None of these Allahabad Bank Clerk Exam, 31.08.2008

11. Multiplexing involves_ path and _ channel.
(1) one, one
(2) multiple, one
(3) one, multiple
(4) multiple, multiple
(5) none of these

12. Which one amongst them is not an inter network ? 
(1) LAN 
(2) WAN
(3) MAN
(4) All are internet works
(5) None of these

13. A proxy server is used for which of the following ?
(1) To provide security against unauthorized users
(2) To provide TCP/IP
(3) To process client requests for datab'ase access
(4) To process client requests for Web pages
(5) None of these

14. The ability to easily add addi-tional users means that a net work is
(1) secure
(2) dedicated
(3) decentralized
(4) scalable
(5) None of these

15. If you wish to extend the length of the network without having the signal degrade, you would use a 
(1) repeater     
(2) switch
(3) gateway     
(4) router
(5) None of these

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 3

1. Small application programs that run on a web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as ___________ ?
a) Flash
b) Spiders
c) Cookies
d) Applets
e) None of these

2. The copy command saves to ?
a) Microsoft Word
b) Desktop
c) Clipboard
d) Notepad
e) None of these

3. A single application that combines the major features of of several types of application is called as _______ ?
a) Integrated Software
b) A suite
c) A combo package 
d) High end
e) None of these

4. The smallest unit of information a computer can understand and process is known as a _________ ?
a) digit
b) byte
c) bit 
d) Kilobyte
e) None of these

5. The justification that aligns text on both margins of a document in Word is ___________ ?
a) Justify
b) Bold
c) Center 
d) Right
e) None of these

6. A __________ is used to read handwritten or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory.
a) Printer
b) Laser beam 
c) Scanner 
d) Touchpad
e) None of these

7. Each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is the ____________ ?
a) Cell's column label
b) Cell's column label and worksheet tab name 
c) cell's row label 
d) Cell's row and column labels
e) None of these

8. Which of these is not a means of personal communication on the internet?
a) Chat
b) Instant Messaging
c) Insta notes
d) Electronic mail
e) None of these

9. The letter and number of the computer what operations to perform is called a _______?
a) cell location
b) cell position 
c) cell address
d) cell coordinates
e) None of these

10. A set of rules for telling the computer what operations to perform is called a ___________?
a) Procedural language
b) Structures
c) Natural language
d) Programming language
e) None of these

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 4

1. __________ can interpret voice data into words that can be understood by the computer.
a) Speech input software
b) Talking software
c) Word recognition software
d) Speech recognition software
e) None of these

2. Different components on the motherboards of a PC unit are linked together by sets of parallel electrical conducting lines. What re these  lines called?
a) Conductors
b) Buses
c) Connectors 
d) Consecutive
e) None of these

3. Which of these does not form the part of the CPU?
a) Register
b) ALU
d) Control unit
e) None of these

4. Email __________ is email activity in which the sender address and other parts of the email header are altered to appear as though the email header are altered to appear as though the email originated from a different source.
a) Spoofing
b) Phishing
c) Spooling 
d) Hacking
e) None of these

5. What is considered as the "Backbone" of the World Wide Web?
a) Uniform Resource locator (URL)
b) Hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
c) Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) 
d) File transfer protocol (FTP)
e) None of these

6. The term ________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance, its functionality
a) Digital device 
b) System add-on
c) disk pack
d) Peripheral device
e) None of these

7. The ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time is called ______
a) Multitasking
b) Multi-processing  
c) Multi-operating
d) Multi-paging
e) None of these

8. The internet began with the development of -
c) Ethernet
d) Intranet
e) None of these

9. Which processes checks to ensure the components of the computer and operating are connected properly?
a) Booting
b) Processing 
c) Saving 
d) Staring
e) None of these

10. Archive is what type of storage -
a) Backup storage
b) Forward operation
c) Primary storage
d) All the above
e) None of these

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 5

1. The language that the computer can understand and execute is called
(1) Application software 
(2) Machine language
(3) System program
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

2. A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called
(1) Operating system
(2) None of these
(3) Application Program
(4) All of the above
(5) Algorithm

3. Which of the following holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards
(1) Mother board
(2) Cache memory
(3) Hard disk
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

4. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
(1) Logical errors
(2) Semantic errors 
(3) Syntax errors
(4) All of the above 
(5) None of these

5. A computer cannot "boot" if it does not have the 
(1) Compiler      
(2) Loader
(3) None of these
(4) Assembler 
(5) Operating system

6. WAN hardware includes
(1) EOF
(2) Bridger and modems 
(3) Multiplexors and routers
(4) All of above
(5) None of these

7.Third generation computers
(1) Were the first to use built-in error detecting device
(2) Used transistors instead of vacuum tubes
(3) Were the first to use neural network
(4) None of these
(5) All of the above

8. A Winchester disk is a
(1) None of these
(2) Removable disk
(3) Flexible disk
(4) All of the above 
(5) Disk stack

9. A computer can be defined as an electronic device that can be(choose the most precise definition):
(1) carry out arithmetical operation
(2) Accept and process data using a set of stored instructions
(3) carry out logical function
(4) present information on.a VDU
(5) None of these

10. The Central Processing Unit:
(1) is operated from the control panel.
(2) is controlled by the input data entering the system 
(3) controls all input, output and processing.
(4) controls the auxiliary storage unit
(5) None of these

11. Computer follows a simple principle called GIGO which means: 
(1) garbage in garbage out
(2) garbage input good output
(3) great instructions great output
(4) good input good output.
(5) None of these

12. The term 'baud' is a measure of the: 
(1) memory capacity
(2) speed at which data travels over the communication line
(3) instruction execution time
(4) all of the above
(5) None of these

13. A bootstrap is:
(1) a memory device
(2) a device to support the computer
(3) an error correction technique
(4) a small initialisation program to start up a computer
(5) None of these

14. Which of the following is not hardware:
(1) Magnetic tape
(2) Printer 
(3) Assembler
(4) VDU terminal
(5) None of these

15. Pick out the wrong definition :
(1) EDP- acronym for Electronic Data Processing
(2) COBOL-a language used for business data processing
(3) Control unit - heart of a computer.
(4) None of these 
(5) Access time-time needed to access the output

Computer Quiz Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 6

1. Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is a(n) ..........
1) operating system
2) database
3) database program
4) data warehouse
5) None of these

2. A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n) ..........
1) algorithm
2) hardware program
3) software bug
4) firmware program
5) None of these

3. Which of the following is not true about RAM?
1) RAM is a temporary storage area
2) RAM is the same as hard disk storage
3) RAM is volatile
4) Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn the computer off
5) None of these

4. The main directory of a disk is called the directory.............
1) root
2) sub
3) folder
4) network
5) None of these

5. The physical arrangement of elements on a page is referred to as a document’s ....
1) features
2) format
3) pagination
4) grid
5) None of these

6. The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer for specific purposes are known as ........
1) Hardware
2) Networked Software
3) Shareware
4) Applications
5) None of these

7. A ............ shares hardware, software and data among authorized users.
1) network
2) protocol
3) hyperlink
4) transmitter
5) None of these

8. Computer programs are written in a highlevel programming language, however, the human-readable version of a program is called ..........
1) cache
2) instruction set
3) source code
4) word size
5) None

9. In word processing, an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is ........
1) copy and paste
2) copy, cut and paste
3) cut, copy and paste
4) cut and paste
5) None of these

10. Which of the following is not a function of the control unit?
1) Read instructions
2) Execute instructions
3) Interpret instructions
4) Direct operations
5) None of these

11. WWW means ..........
1) World Wide Wonder
2) World Wide Wizard
3) World Wide Web
4) Wide World Web
5) None of these

12. ........ processing is used when a large mailorder company accumulates orders and processes them together in one large set.
1) Batch
2) Online
3) Real-time
4) Group
5) None of these

13. What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a CD-RW?
1) They are the same - just two different terms used by different manufactures
2) A CAD-ROM can be written to and a CDRW cannot
3) A CD-RW can be written to but a CDROM can only be read from
4) A CD-ROM holds more information than a CD-RW
5) None of these

14. Holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text is known as ............
1) moving
2) dragging
3) dropping
4) highlighting
5) None of these

15. A ......... is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table.
1) spreadsheet
2) presentation
3) database
4) web page
5) None of these

Computer Quiz  Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam - 7

1. The arrow keys can be used to-
A. delete text
B. move the cursor in the text that has already been entered
C. save the document
D. move the cursor while deleting text
E. None of these
2. When creating a word-processed document, this step involves the user changing how words on the page appear, both on the screen and in printed form-
A. Editing text
B. Inserting tables and indexes
C. Formatting text
D. Proofing documents
E. None of these
3. When a file is saved for the first time-
A. a copy is automatically printed
B. it must be given a name to identify it
C. it does not need a name
D. it only needs a name if it is not going to be printed
E. None of these
4. To insert a word into the middle of a sentence
A. move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence and type the new word
B. move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence, press Enter key, and type the new word
C. move the cursor to the beginning of the sentence and start typing
D. retype the whole sentence
E. None of these
5. If the file saved earlier is edited, then-
A. It is essential to save the file again to store the change
B. The change will automatically be saved in the file
C. If the length is more than a page, the file will be needed to be saved
D. The name will be needed to be changed
E. None of these
6. Office LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate-
7. You will work on which groupings, while formating the text in word?
A. Table, paragraph and index
B. Paragraph, index and section
C. Character, paragraph and section
D. Index, character and table
E. None of these
8. First page of Website is termed as-
A. Homepage
B. Index
C. JAVA script
D. Bookmark
E. None of these
9. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?
A. User interface
B. Language translator
C. Platform
D. Screen saver
E. None of these
10. Such a pre-made document, which has coordinating font, layout and background, is-
A. Guide
B. Model
C. Ruler
D. Template
E. None of these
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