Friday, 29 January 2016

Commonwealth Games Year And Venue List

Commonwealth Games Year And Venue List

Dear mm expert readers, Here is the important current affairs/general knowledge list of the commonwealth games played and scheduled to take place in the world (till 2018). You can find the year when commonwealth games was played and The venues where they were played.

1930Hamilton, Canada
1934London, England
1938Sydney, Australia
1950Auckland, New Zealand
1954Vancouver, Canada
1958Cardiff, Wales
1962Perth, Australia
1966Kingston, Jamaica
1970Edinburgh, Scotland
1974Christchurch, New Zealand
1978Edmonton, Canada
1982Brisbane, Australia
1986Edinburgh,  Scotland
1990Auckland, New Zealand
1994Victoria, Canada
1998Kaula Lampur, Malaysia
2002Manchester, England
2006Melbourne, Australia
2010New Delhi, India
2014Glasgow, Scotland
2018Gold Coast, Australia

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