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Attempt Tips for IBPS bank exam to get High score

Dear experts. Here ae are presenting some tips and guidelines to Attempt Tips for IBPS bank exam to get High score in your IBPS Bank exams like  PO, Clerk and Specialist officer are most common ibps exam. In IBPS PO there are about 7-8 lacks students for few vacant post means jobs are more competitive. About 7-8 lacks students applied for these exam but there is absenteeism rate of 21% both at the time of exam and at the time of interview. Further many people don't join because of non-availability of favorable location. First thing you should keep in mind is getting a job via IBPS is not a tough thing. We should be now more considered about how to attempt IBPS exam and get succeed.

Before Your Exam 

Buy some good books for your regular and good study

Books are are important part of preparation process. Many students and even coaching institutes concentrates on magazines and previous question papers. Although many questions repeats but without knowing basic fundamentals you can never succeed in IBPS or any other competitive exam. Get list of experts  recommended books in our previous article :-

Be regular

It's very important to be regular while preparing for IBPS bank exams. If you have never appeared for any competitive exam then it would be very difficult to score high with exam preparation of few weeks. It takes time to understand basic fundamentals and then practice previous ibps asked question papers. You need at least 2 months of regular preparation to score well in IBPS bank examinations.

Stay updated

General awareness/Daily current affairs section carries equal marks as other sections. This section is least prepared by candidates. It should be clear that marks are given on the basis on highest marks obtained in the exam and these are based on percentile system. You should give adequate time to this section. Read at least year book and economic survey. I have mentioned book of General Awareness in above list of IBPS perfect best books.

During the Exam

Time management

Most of the students fails in IBPS bank examinations because they are unable to manage their time in proper way. Candidates generally sticks to one section of the exam in which they are strong and try to solve all the questions in particular section. Many students attempts English section at last and they allot few minutes to this section. Due to lack of time they skip reading comprehensions which is a high scoring part of any IBPS bank exam. It is better to allot time to each section, you can allot few more minutes to Quantitative aptitude section, the time you saved from general awareness and Computer knowledge section, but it is foolish to devote less time to English section.


Most effective learning shortcut techniques is essential to get good high score at IBPS bank exam. In out IBPS best books section we made a expert recommended list of books that contains hundreds of shortcut tricks and techniques. You are advised to refer them all. It is better to spend two thousand rupees on books than wasting money on a coaching center where false promises are made to complete the full preparation in 2 months. You can prepare for IBPS bank exams within two months if you regularly give time to preparation yourself.

Choice of questions

In each question carries same marks in IBPS Bank test, it is wise to pick easy questions in which you are comfortable. It is foolish to attempt all question on the basis of only guess work. You need just 15 marks in quantitative section to clear cut off marks score, there is a myth among candidates that last year cutoff was 24 whereas this is on percentile basis. This is not absolute marking rather it is relative marking.
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