Monday, 21 December 2015

Yes, IBPS Changed pattern of IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exams? Implications?

Dear experts, most of you are aware that recently, IBPS has made change in recruitment process of Probationary Officers Clerical cadres, which will be applicable from this year (2015) onwards.  With respect to these change, we are getting lot of queries - why IBPS changed pattern of its main recruitment exams (i.e. IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk) and what are the implications of these changes on our preparation.
So, let us address both these issues one by one.

Why IBPS had to change its pattern from single Common Written Examination (CWE) to Two Tier written exams.

IBPS took up the task of conducting common recruitment exams for PSU banks in 2011, before that, all banks used to recruit personnel individually and independently. That system was a total chaos for applicants, as, they used to give exams almost almost every week/month for these individual banks. Also, it was very inefficient system. Same candidates, used to get selected in all banks and lot of deserving candidates kept on waiting for their turn.

Since the time, IBPS has taken up the task of conducting a combined written exam for all 20 PSU Banks (except SBI and its Associate Banks), the recruitment process is evolving and maturing year after year. Most of the issues, faced in earlier system have been taken care of - including conducting exams online, doing away the risk of paper leakage and fast result compilation, no duplicacy of selected candidates in various banks.

But, there are still few issues which are being faced by IBPS. One of the issue is - impersonation i.e. someone other than the real candidate (who will actually join the bank) gives the exams/interview on behalf of real candidates.

So, changes in the pattern will have following implications:

1. Exam will be conducted in two Tiers, this will ensure that there is no randomness in the selection process (person has to qualify on both the stages to reach interview stage).

2. Tier I will be a easier exam and more number of candidates will be qualified in this stage. Difficulty level in tier II will be high. So, by including both kind of papers, it will be ensured that the candidates, who can handle both kinds of situations are qualified.

3. Tier II exam will include bio-metric identification i.e. at the time of entering the exam hall, you will be required to undergo bio-metric identification - i.e. scanning of your thumb impression etc. Same scanning will happen at the time of interview stage and at the time of joining the bank.

4. Tier I exams will be of qualifying nature and its score will not be added while preparing for final merit list. Only Tier II marks and Interview score will be considered for the preparation of final merit list.

The whole process will ensure that only the genuine, deserving and all rounded person gets the selection.

Implications on preparation for bank exams:

There is no implication of the these changes in sincere and hard working candidates, but, people looking for backdoor entry should be really worried now?

So, in a ways, its good news for all serious candidates.

On a serious note, since now the process will have two  stages - Tier I (the easier one) and Tier II (the tougher one), you should study more holistically. Now, only shortcuts will not suffice, you have to have in-dept knowledge of your subjects. So, start preparing thoroughly. Two stages will ensure that only the best gets in.

Hope, we have clarified most the doubts regarding the changes. There are still few questions which remain unanswered - like what will be the syllabus of Tier I and Tier II exams, which sections will come in these exams, how many questions will be there in tier I and Tier II.

We will clarify all these doubts in coming days. Till that time, keep working hard, have faith in yourself and  prepare with your full strength. All the best.
Don's worry. We are with you.

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