Saturday, 5 December 2015

Techniques to Compress the Given Data for Precis Writing for Bank Exam

A good precis is without all superfluities. This is not quite easy to achieve and requires a lot of patience, hard work and practice. Certain devices, like one word substitution, help to reduce words in a precis and assists in compressing it. 
Something a single word is sufficient fro many. Hence the more one-words you know, the better for you. This requires vocabulary development which extensive reading and god dictionaries and other sources can provide.

For clear understanding, have a look at the following examples.
  • One who is not professional - Amateur
  • An assembly of hearers - Audience
  • A battle or match in which neither party wins - Drawn
  • Fit to be eaten - Edible
  • That which cannot be conquered - Invincible
Sentences can be compressed in two ways 
  1. by removing redundancies and ornamental expressions, and
  2. by combining a number of sentences into one sentence.
Examples :
  • When sorrows come, they do not come alone but in battalions 
    • you can compress the above sentence and simplify it as Misfortunes never come alone
  • The thunder-storm continued unabated and did not cease until after it was dawn
    • you can compress the above sentence and simplify it as
      The thunder-storm continued till dawn
  • I was standing at the gate. it was the time of sunset. At that time a carriage drew up. The carriage contained a gentleman. The gentleman was middle aged. 
    • you can compress the above sentence and simplify it as
      While I was standing at the gate at sunset, a carriage containing a middle-aged gentleman drew up.
A paragraph consists of a number of sentences dealing with a single topic or idea. It has thus a unity of purpose and is quite easy to summarize. The first sentence generally states the theme. Each sentence develops the subject in a logical manner. All sentences which elaborate or explain the main idea are omitted while writing a precis. We deal only with the crux of the paragraph. 

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