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Static General knowledge for IBPS Bank Exam

Hi experts,
Here we are posting the Quiz for IBPS PO:SO:and"Clerk ExamGeneral Knowledge for your better preparation.

Q.1. The upper age limit for appointment as a judge of High court is
a) 62 years     
b) 65 years   
c) 58 years   
d) 60 years

e) None of these 

Q.2. Who wrote the book “A Tale of Two Cities”?
a) E.M.Forster   
b) Jane Austen   
c) Jonathan Swift   
d) Charles Dickens

e) None of these 

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Q.3. Who wrote the book “A passage to India”?
a) E.M.Forster     
b) Mark Twain   
c) Jonathan Swift   
d) Oliver Goldsmith

e) None of these 
Q.4. On which riverbank is Goa located?
a) Mandovi   
b) Ganga   
c) Gomati   
d) Sabarmati

e) None of these 
Q.5.  In which place the first Medical College was established in India?
a)  Kolkata     
b) Agra   
c) Bangalore   
d) Delhi

e) None of these 

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Q.6. Pulitzer Prize is given in the field of
a) Journalism and Literature   
b) Environment Protection   
c) Science and Technology   
d) Sports Achievements

e) None of these 
Q.7. Who is the first sportsperson to receive Bharat Ratna?
a)  Milka Singh   
b) PT Usha   
c) Sachin Tendulkar     
d) MD Chand

e) None of these 
Q.8. Panchatantra was written by
a) Panini   
b) Kalidasa   
c) Vishnu Sharma     
d) Banabhatta

e) None of these 

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Q.9.  Which of the following minerals is found in beach stand?
a) Gypsum   
b) Ilmenite     
c) Silver   
d) Kyanite

e) None of these 

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Q.10. The average salinity of sea water
a) 2%   
b) 2.5%   
c) 3%   
d) 3.5%

e) None of these

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