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Some important One Word Substitution for Bank Exam

Some important One Word Substitution for Bank Exam

Dear experts, here we are posting some important One Word substitution for IBPS PO Bank PO IBPS Clerk and Clerk in static G.K. India General Knowledge section. Now a day IBPS also asked some questions based on static gk based. so prepare yourself for these type of questions and answers.
One Word Substitution.

Q.1. That which lasts for a short time- transitory

Q.2. Ready to believe anything- Credulous

General Knowledge G.K. Capsule for Bank Exam (Hindi)

Q.3. A four footed animal- Quadruped

Q.4. Constant efforts to achieve something- Perseverance

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  • Q.5. One who collects coins- Numismatist

    Q.6. A system of Government in which only one political party is allowed to function- Totalitarianism

    Q.7. Customs and habbits of a particular group- Mores

    Q.8. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdict in trials- Jury

    Q.9. Indifference to pleasure or pain- Stoicism

    Q.10. Concluding part of a literacy work- Epilogue

    Person In News for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam : G.K. Capsule Part -3 of 3

    Q.11. One who is beyond reform- Incorrigible

    Q.12. Science of disease- Pathology

    Q.13. One who secretly listens to the talks of others- Eavesdropper

    Q.14. One who believes in not govt. and therefore incites disorder in
    state- Anarchist

    Q.15. A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one- Euphemism

    Q.16. The murder of parent or a near relative- Patricide

    Q.17. Animals who live in herds- Gregarious

    Q.18. A broad road bordered with tress- Boulevard

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    Q.19. Violation of something holy or sacred- Sacrilege

    Q.20. Simple, fast-spreading plant with flowers or leaves which can often cause disease- Fungus

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